The Future of the Batman Movies and DC’s Plan for a Blockbuster Movie in 2013

Here I am again with some of the latest Super Hero movie information. It seems that after this third Dark Knight movie DC is already working on revamping Batman again similar to what Marvel is doing with Spider man.

Marvel was forced somewhat to do it when the actor in the previous films declined an offer to do another Spider man movie. DC has an actor in place and as far as I know did not decline any such offer to do another Batman film so why the revamp? When it comes to making Super Hero movies DC has most of the time been behind Marvel in quality. True Marvel has had their flops but DC, most of their movies lack luster.

They are also again revamping Superman and from what I last heard the director and writer of Sucker Punch is thinking about doing the new Superman movie. In my opinion Sucker Punch is a great movie but what will he do with Superman?

Anyone who has been reading my articles know what I feel DC should do with Superman. With Small ville leaving the air this year with Clark ready to put on the costume, have him put on the costume in a Small ville/Superman movie. Why DC does not do this amazes me since Small ville already has a good following 10 seasons is not something to sneeze at.

With the Batman/Dark Knight movies he has not yet built the Bat cave, I don’t think he needs a Robin, Batman seems much more interesting alone. But there is so much more they could have done with this current Batman. One thing about DC and Warner Bros, they know that Batman is a cash cow and will milk it for all its worth.

The newer Superman movies failed because of a lack of plot and imagination. DC and Warner Bros need to put their heads together and come up with a good idea for Superman if they are not smart enough to use Small ville as the new Superman franchise. My suggestion here would be to take a great Superman plot straight out of the comic books maybe the death of Superman or a Darkseid episode.

Maybe they are revamping Batman and Superman because of the announcement they just made to offset Marvels movie the Avengers in 2012, DC has just announced that they are going to finally bring the Justice League to the big screen in 2013. Maybe they are going to do the smart thing that Marvel is doing with the Avengers by using the same actors in the single movies to play their respective roles again in the Avengers. DC would be wise to do this and to use the same Green Lantern that’s going to be in the movie this year in The Justice League movie as well.

I wish the best for DC because they know how to write good comics but don’t seem to put the same effort into their movies, they seem not to work with the screen writers and Warner Bros to ensure a good quality product.

Stay tuned for more information on Super Hero movies as I get it.