The Delfonics: Moments to Remember

Many people might know Motown more than they might the Philly Groove record label. Many people might know Philadelphia International record label more than the Philly Groove label. Many people might know, of Stax Records, than the Stan Watson Label based in the city, of brotherly love.

But, the one thing they must have heard of ,is the group called the Delfonics. In the field, of soulful music many groups had a distinctive sound that was based around good harmony and a good lead vocalist. To prove my point, the Miracles has Smokey Robinson, the Impressions had Curtis Mayfield, Blue Magic had Ted Mills, and the Chi-lites had Eugene Record. While the Delfonics had the amazing William Hart.

And, the one thing all these groups had in common was the fact that they had song writers, within the group. And, the Delfonics wasn’t no different, as William Hart teamed with Thom Bell, and wrote beautiful love soul music. Yes, love soul music that many groups was trying to abandon, as if love wasn’t still in need, of the world.

We know that the best soul group based in Detroit went psychedelic,as one many group was switching toward that rock format. Except for probably the Dells, signed to the Chess label, in Chicago. While Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff gets main credit for the Philly sound we must remember that Thomas Bell, the Delfonics producer on close to four albums created part, of that sound too.

You might say, he has many similarity to Gamble and Huff, by being into orchestration arrangement that you will hear in the Delfonics style music. Bell and Hart might not get the credit they deserve because many fails to understand that William Hart ranks up there with the Smokeys, and the Mayfields. And, if they was probably on a more established label they probably would stayed upon the charts to complete against the groups that came later similar in style to the Delfonics. Groups like Blue Magic and the Stylistics, who many says and confer is based upon the sound, of the Delfonics simply because, of Thom Bell being , one of their main producer.

Just notice the main difference is that during the years between 1969 and 1971 Wilbert Hart and Randy Cain enhanced the sound, of the Delfonics probably a little more. Although Arrion Love beautifully did the same to Russel Thompkins, the Stylistics lead vocalist.

Who can’t say that soul music more than any other form doesn’t have the writer during the sixties and early seventies that we can honestly say couldn’t complete with Cole Porter, Gershwin, Hammerstein, Lerner, in terms , of crafting great tunes?

Who hadn’t heard “La, La, Means I Love You” upon a classic soul radio format? Or “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind” which was done, by David and Jimmy Ruffin months later? Motown , with their own in house staff was aware, of the team , of Bell and Hart contribution to the music scene. Even , the Jackson Five visited songs, of the young hot writers, of Philly Groove, by recording the above song and the classic “Can You Remember” which might gotten released, by the executives, at Motown.

But, for the few short years Bell/Hart was writing together they made people become aware, of them. For The Love I Give To You should and could make a woman in love truly understands , how deep a man can love a woman? Because, if it didn’t the “Somebody Loves You” couldn’t help but do the job.

Good love songs contains love within the message just listen too “Baby I Love You” and pay close attention to the tune arrangement around the voice, of William Hart and the other members. Romance was on the minds, of these writers, at a time when social issues was beginning to effect many writers to forget any war needs love to make people see the foolishness in them. Even, when Cain departed and Major Harris became a vital part, of the group for three years, They still was creating love magic for lovers.

Even, when Thom Bell left the production chair the label owner Stan Watson contributed great production around sings, of the Delightful Delfonics, of Philly. We, who based songs around being hit records sometimes over look classic tunes that might never get released or promoted? Under Watson , we sen “First Think On My Mind” and “Lying To Myself” become classic tunes that was handle, by him.

The man that gave them their hit status, by placing them under the eyes, of Bell proved he understood their sound to keep it going. Romance like love grows and never die. Least when you have lovers in need, of both understands the message.

Say Delfonics, and you’re saying love. Say lead vocalist and you’re talking solely about William Hart. Others might be leading their own version, of the Delfonics in today’s culture, of multiple groups with the same name. But, this only make you wonder what lead song they sung upon.