The Best Natural Deodorant for Our Family is Melted Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Used Externally on the Skin

All you need is a jar of extra virgin coconut oil. In this current triple-digit California Central Valley weather today, it’s great. You simply smear the melted coconut oil in your armpits and any place else on your external skin that needs a deodorant in the hot weather. And I also swish the melted oil in my mouth (body temperature) as a mouthwash, and it has cleaned my teeth somewhat just before flossing and brushing.

It really works. Just try it. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about absorbing synthetic chemicals into your pores. If you need something stronger, mix the coconut oil with a pinch of baking soda. And if you’ve just removed the hair from your arm pits and don’t want the baking soda to sting, then use the coconut oil alone or with a pinch of corn starch.

If you attended the Pacific Rim Street Festival Celebration in Old Sacramento a few months ago, on Sunday, May 22, 2011, you saw the 20 ethnic food vendors on hand to sell you tantalizing foods of the Pacific Rim nations. Remember how the theme this year focused on spices? Well, you can add a pinch of cinnamon or cloves (powdered) to coconut oil. Or use the coconut oil by itself, especially in hot, muggy climates. Or with Sacramento’s low humidity, coconut oil alone or with a pinch of either corn starch or baking soda is fine. You could add orange blossom water also, but the oil by itself will work. Or at least it works here.

What you might have learned about coconut oil deodorants if you look at what is used in Southeast Asia, you might see extra virgin coconut oil rubbed into the skin. Sometimes deodorant is made from coconut oil, powdered coconut milk, and baking soda, with or without a scent of Mandarin orange oil added, should you want fragrance.

See more about Sacramento’s spice theme downtown during the Pacific Rim festival at Sacbee’s Events website. But what’s important here is learning some techniques on how various Asian and Pacific rim peoples make use of coconut oil and coconut milk as a cosmetic, deodorant, and a food.

Some of the Pacific Rim spices include ginger, cinnamon, pepper, mustard, and nutmeg. Ginger is a root and mustard is a seed. Curry is made up of a seasoning of a combination of spices, mixed together. Most spices grow in tropical countries. Rosemary, thyme and mint and others can be found in Sacramento supermarkets or in your own yard and neighborhood.

Spices preserved foods before refrigeration. Some countries preserved meats and fish by salting. Other countries preserved similar foods with a variety of spices.

Some spices have antimicrobial properties. Spices were used also for their fragrance, for healing wounds, various medicinal uses, and for flavoring and/ or coloring foods. In the past, spices were also used as cosmetics and culinary uses. Some cultures use spices in religious or spiritual rituals.

Southeast Asian is the main hub or capitol for the spice trade between Asia and throughout the globe. The purpose of the Pacific Rim Street Festival is celebrating the wide diversity of peoples and spices of the area and the Sacramento area. It’s all about the spices of life. You can find a diversity in the spices from mild to spicy, and hot to fragrant.

How coconut oil is used both as a deodorant and as a remedy for upset stomach and/or simple diarrhea

Coconut oil has been used among Pacific peoples for everything as a remedy for helping to stop simple diarrhea to making the hair shine and the skin soft and smooth. Let’s see how you can make your own natural, organic deodorant from extra virgin coconut oil.

The Southeast Asian population of diverse Sacramento has many uses of coconut oil as a food, healing balm, and as a deodorant. You mix coconut milk powder, coconut oil, and baking soda together in small, but equal amounts to make a deodorant paste. Coconut oil also anti-bacterial. It’s used sometimes with a drop or two of Mandarin oil as a deodorant for external use. Don’t use refined coconut oil.

You’re not cooking with it. Use the unrefined, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. You’re using it on your skin. Here’s how to get started making deodorant from coconut oil and other coconut products. You can also use it on face and hair or on your lips.

Coconut oil, used extensively in the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia, is one of the best moisturizers for your skin. It is anti-bacterial. Mandarin oil is tangerine oil.

It has been grown in Sicily and Tunisia as well as in China, and has a delicate citrus scent. It’s an essential oil with properties to help relieve stress and digestive problem. Mandarin oil frequently is used to increase circulation to the skin, reduce fluid retention, and to help prevent stretch marks.

When added to coconut oil, coconut milk powder, and baking soda, a dropper full of Mandarin oil makes the finishing touch for a natural deodorant for the external use. It quickly becomes transparent on the skin. Or make your own shampoo by mixing a few drops of Mandarin oil with a few drops of olive oil added and a tablespoon of glycerin added to your favorite gentle shampoo base.

How to Make Coconut Oil Deodorant

If plain, melted extra virgin coconut oil (unheated) isn’t strong enough as a deodorant used externally on skin (or as a mouth rinse) you can combine the coconut oil with baking soda and coconut milk powder. But for me, when in a hurry, the oil by itself works fine here.

You can combine melted coconut oil, coconut milk powder, baking powder, and Mandarin oil to make your own natural deodorant. According to the Esoteric Oils site, Mandarin oil is extracted from Citrus reticulata (also known as Citrus nobilis, madurensis, unshiu, deliciosa) of the Rutaceae family and is also known as European mandarin, tangerine, naartjie and true mandarin. Here’s how to make your own natural deodorant mixing coconut oil, powdered coconut milk, and baking soda with Mandarin oil.


1 cup of baking soda

1 cup of coconut oil

1 cup of coconut milk powder

1 dropper full of Mandarin oil (tangerine oil).

Mix the baking soda with the coconut milk powder in a glass bowl. Slowly melt the coconut oil in a saucepan over a low flame. Coconut oil is solid when it is in a jar kept at room temperature or refrigerated. You can buy coconut oil in most supermarkets. Powdered coconut milk is found in most Asian grocery stores. Or you can buy Mandarin oil online, for example at from Aura Cacia and other online sellers. Buy powdered coconut milk online from King Arthur Flour or Full Spectrum Organics or from numerous other online sellers that sell organics.

Add the warm, but not very hot, melted coconut oil liquid to the baking soda and dry coconut milk powder mix. Squeeze a dropper full of Mandarin oil into the liquid. Stir gently until all ingredients are mixed. Pour into a jar and let cool. The coconut oil will harden at room temperature.

Store the deodorant in a tightly closed jar. It will last a week or until used up. Make this deodorant in small batches. You want to make a fresh jar of deodorant every week or two. It will dry transparent.

Mandarin oil has a wonderful essence of citrus. It adds a gentle, delicate fragrance without being overpowering. If you’re allergic to scents, use a dropper full of citrus oil that is safely absorbed by your skin.

Oils are sold in herbal shops and health food stores. Make sure the oil you use is the edible type used in foods, toothpaste, and mouthwashes and not the type used for burning in oil lamps or incense.

Don’t heat the Mandarin oil as it has a flashpoint of 133 degrees F. Check out more facts and safety levels of Mandarin oil at the Sigma-Aldrich® site.

By the way, if you drink coconut milk, you also can buy coconut milk kefir which is cultured coconut milk. Or make your own coconut kefir. Check out the website on how to make your own coconut kefir, How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir | Passionate Homemaking.