The Best Day Trips Outside Boston

The City of Boston offers a lot of activities. But it’s not the only place in Massachusetts for fun and excitement. If you live in Boston, you may be looking for a day trip outside of the city. Here are just a few options for day trips from Boston.

1. The Basketball Hall Of Fame
The Basketball Hall Of Fame is located in downtown Springfield and home to legends such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Right off route 91 and approximately 90 minutes from the state capital of Boston, The Basketball Hall Of Fame is a great tourist attraction for both young and old alike. Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, you’ll be amazed at the legends and feats that adorn the halls. In addition to artifacts and a gift shop, the Hall Of Fame also houses many restaurants on site. Admission for the Basketball Hall Of Fame is only $16.99, with slightly lower rates for seniors and children. More information can be obtained by visiting

2. SkyVenture New Hampshire
SkyVenture New Hampshire is an large facility that contains an indoor vertical wind tunnel. SkyVenture allows visitors to experience the thrill of skydiving, without the fear of a malfunctioning parachute. Although slightly expensive ( $50 for a 2 minute flight), its a great deal in comparison to the real thing. A two minute ride in the vertical wind tunnel is equal to three skydives at 13,000 feet. SkyVenture New Hampshire is located at 3 Poisson Ave in Nashua, New Hampshire. Nashua is approximately 1 hour from Boston and makes a for a great day trip. You can peruse at your leisure for more information.

3. Carabiners
Indoor rock climbing doesn’t get any better than Carabiners. Located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Carabiners is a very large indoor rock climbing facility that is appropriate for all ages. Carabiners offers many packages including a beginners package and a personal staff belayer. This comes in handy for those who plan on climbing alone. Carabiners also has a great kid’s program for those who are looking to get their young children involved in the sport of indoor rock climbing. The prices are very affordable. Tickets for adults cost $16 dollars, while children under 10 get in for just $10 dollars. Rental equipment is separate but equally affordable. Visit for more information.

4. The Blue Hills Reservation
Looking for a quiet retreat in the outdoors. Check out the Blue Hills Reservation. Blue Hills Reservation offers plenty of 125 miles of trails for walking, hiking, bird watching and bike riding. Additionally, Blue Hills Reservation contains Houghton’s Pond. Houghton’s Pond is open to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is also a Trailside Museum managed by the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Hike to the top of Blue Hills and enter the Weather Observatory. There is also designated areas for picnicking and fishing. The Blue Hills Reservation has everything and is located about a half hour from Boston. The area is pet friendly and great for people of all ages.

5. Six Flags – New England
Straight down the Mass Pike, about 1 hour and 45 minutes outside Boston, is one of the nations greatest theme parks. Six Flags New England. Six Flags New England is a full tilt amusement park with the top thrill rides. This includes The Bizarro. The Bizarro was voted the #1 steel roller coaster in 2009. And it makes its home at Six Flags New England. In addition, its also home to several other coasters such as Jokers Wildcard, The Mind Eraser and Flashback. Six Flags New England also has a water park for those looking to cool off on those hot summer days. Check out The Tornado, the wildest ride in the water park. The prices are moderately priced at $35 – $45 dollars, but several stores in the area offer coupons. In addition, you can purchase a fast pass, which allows you and 3 others to jump to the head of the line on any ride in the park.

There are a wealth of fun and exciting activities outside the City of Boston. All it takes is a little time and energy to find them. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed in any of the above mentioned places.