The Battle Between Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery was American Idol Season 10 Final Performance Show

Last night’s May 24th Season 10 American Idol final performance show looked more like Country Idol. Both remaining singers are both country singers and both under 18 years of age. 17 year old Scotty McCreery took on 16 year old Lauren Alaina in an American Idol country show down. Actually it made it a tad bit less interesting then previous years when the final two would mix things up a bit and really go for it, having more of a variety of music, but the kids did a good job.

They started out the night telling everyone that Lauren had damaged one of her vocal cords in rehearsal, they then had a doctor come on and tell everyone how they treated her and said she should be able to sing just fine.

Each one of the two remaining contestants would sing three songs. Each would do one of their favorite songs from the season, then they would sing a song from their favorite star. Lauren picked a song from Carrie Underwood, and Scotty picked one from George Straight. The third song is the song that would be recorded should that person win the competition, but I have a sneaking suspicion that both will be released, but that is just my thought on the subject.

The first song Scotty sang was “Gone.” It was a lively performance and he took the stage with confidence and energy. Not vocally brilliant but pretty darn good. The judges didn’t really say anything.

Then Lauren sang, “Flat on the Floor.” I think she did amazingly well for someone with a damaged vocal cord. She got through the song just fine and even had some power, but I have a feeling if she was in good health she could have belted i out even more. Have to give her props for her effort though.

Scotty then sang his George Straight song, “Check Yes or No.” He did pretty good he has a beautiful voice as does George Straight. I think he did the song justice and did a lovely job at it. He could have shown a little more passion but if you closed your eyes and just listened you can’t deny that it was good.

Lauren then sang her Carrie Underwood song, “Maybe it was Memphis.” Lauren did really well in this song although she looked like she was dressed to perform in the ballet. She showed some power and let everyone know that even though she was injured she was not going to let that stop her from giving it her all.

Scotty then sang the song that he will release if he wins. The song is called, “I Love You This Big.” I don’t know if I liked the song all that much it had some touching lines in it and Scotty sang it nicely, I just don’t really see it as a hit; but not a bad job on his part.

Lauren then sang her song which tugged at the heart strings a bit more. The song was called, “Like My Mother Does.” It was really a touching song and Lauren made it even more special by walking out in to the audience and giving her mom a hug. She kept right on singing while doing It and didn’t lose a note. She was crying at the end of the song. It was very sweet and endearing and could win her some votes.

David Cook finished off the show by singing “Don’t You Forget About Me,” from the Breakfast Club.

Final Thoughts

As for who will win, it will be a close call. I liked Lauren’s release song better than Scotty’s but I think Scotty is an amazingly talented Country Singer. Lauren could get some sympathy votes for being injured and could get some charm points for hugging her mom during her song. I see Scotty McCreery with a good country career no matter what happens. As far as finals go the lack of variety made it a little boring, but I hear there are a lot of things planned for tonight’s finale, so I am looking forward to that.