The Ball, Spider-Man, Bob-Bob Obsession

Hi there. This is my first article and if all goes well it won’t be my last. Fingers are crossed. This is where I would stick a big smiley face. But I’m not. Ok , maybe just one:)

Let me start off with telling you a little about me and my family. I have a wonderful boyfriend with whom I’ve been with going on almost 5 yrs now. We have a 2 year old son, Connor. We both have children from separate marriages. I have 5 and he has 3. Yes, we have 9 children in all and we wouldn’t trade the moon for any of them. Connor is the only one of the 9 that actually lives with us. But believe me, he’s more than a handful as a lot of older individuals tend to point out whenever he’s around them. They do this with an abnormally big smile upon their faces… strange. Do they know something that I should/need to know? Am I being payed back for some wrong-doing that I have done in my past that I’ve just completely blocked from my memory? When the “he must be a handful” remarks get dished out I’m tempted to retort with “…my ass!”. But obviously that would not be appropriate. Still, the temptation is there. Lets get on with the story.All children have some obsession at some point in their life. Whether it be Barbie dolls for little girls or Hot Wheels for little boys. There is always a hiatus period in between these obsessions and they tend not to accumulate. Or so we would like to think. Connor started out at the very early age of six months with his obsessiveness….balls. They overtook our home, car and eventually our way of living. We couldn’t get out of any store without having to buy at least one ball. If we even attempted to leave without purchasing one all heck broke loose. At first it seemed harmless enough. A ball here and a ball there. But when you can’t walk thru the living room without having to kick a ball out of your way. That’s when it gets a little annoying. So we’ve learned to avoid the aisles with said objects. I know it seems a little extreme. Living with 40 balls of all sizes is a little extreme too. We’ve tried replacing one with another to know avail. He remembers and asks for each one. If one comes up missing he knows.

Time went by and he discovered Spongebob Squarepants. The DVDs, bedding, books, clothing and balloons were bought. Our way of thinking was that the ball obsession was out and Bob-Bob was in.Wrong! He now wanted or rather still wants balls with the yellow sponge on them. This time I have kinda fostered his amazement with this character. I will actually look for stuff that he likes and sometimes I get a little carried away. We have watched the SpongeBob movie at least 100 times since he got it for his 2nd birthday. He can recite almost every line and act out most of the scenes. We’ve had to hide the movie.

My son is now 2 1/2 years old and has found a new character to plague our way of living. Spider-man. When I was a child I loved this web slinging superhero as did his dad. Connor’s taste has gotten a little more expensive. He prefers the actual movies to the cartoon versions and action figures that range from $9 to $14. And the fact that he has integrated the balls and SpongeBob into this mix doesn’t help one bit. Every night before he goes to sleep he has to have a DVD of one or the other playing in his room, a ball in his bed and an action figure in his hand. But it has gotten to the point where he is acting out scenes again.This time it’s a little scarey. He climbs on to the headboard of his bed, yells “Spider-man!” and then jumps. Or if he gets into trouble he wants him to come to the rescue. I sometimes think that my child is losing his grip on reality. I know that imagination can be wonderful and I will encourage it 9 times out of 10. But when my child starts to risk life and limb I have to put a halt on things.

Considering the past obsessions that my son has had, I’m sure the future ones are gonna be doozies. I love my son to no end. He is my world. I will take the good with the bad no matter what may come.