‘The Bachelorette’ Week 6– Ashley and Bentley: Dot Dot NOT

Monday night on ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” Ashley Hebert and her remaining eight boyfriends landed in Hong Kong. But a blast from the past (okay, from three weeks ago) decided to crash the party.

Bentley Williams, the bad boy businessman who smashed Ashley’s heart to pieces, leaves his daughter’s side to fly half way around the world to Hong Kong. The reason? To give Ashley that much-needed closure she’s been crying about.

After leaving her with a “Dot dot dot,” Ashley and Bentley’s awkward reunion results him in finally putting a period at the end of their relationship status. He tells Ashley, “Knowing that I’m home…it doesn’t look good for you and me.”

Ashley questions why he flew to Hong Kong to tell her they were definitely over (“Did you want the vaca?”) then later says to him, “You should have called.”

Finally getting closure from Bentley (as well as a punctuation lesson), Ashley is ready to focus on her remaining eight guys.

One on One date with Lucas

It doesn’t get more romantic than dinner on a junk boat — and Lucas is looking for three things: a dance, a kiss and that blasted rose! He opens up about his divorce and jokes that Ash isn’t really his type, saying, “I’m just here for a boat ride.” But because she is still curious and has questions about him, Ashley gives Lucas the rose.

Group Date

The next batch of guys go to Stanley Beach for dragon boat racing. The guys divide into two-man teams (Ames and Mickey, Ryan and Blake, Constantine and Ben F. (who, by the way, look like the same person). Part of this date involves the teams trying to round up teammates for their dragon boat team. While that comes easy for the personable Ryan and Blake and Ames and Mickey, the Bobbsey twins recruit no one until they don some commanding-looking red robes right before the race. Still, their team takes a beating. Ames and Mickey win, while Ryan gets the group date rose.

One on One Date with J.P.

Ashley thinks J.P. deserves a proper one on one date (last time she was still preoccupied with her feelings for Bentley). During their date, she tells him about Bentley’s trip to Hong Kong and how she finally has s closure. J.P. is sympathetic and is glad she has opened up to him.

A Rose Ceremony Walk-Out

Later, Ashley decides to come clean to all of the guys about Bentley’s visit, but the news doesn’t sit too well several of them. In the brainiac quote of the night, an angry Lucas says, “My biggest pet peeve is wasting my time…. I don’t want to play second fiddle to anyone.” Second fiddle? You’re like eighth fiddle, dude!

But hunky chef, Mickey, has had it up to here with the Bentley biz, so he jumps on a boat and sails away before rose ceremony time. Also on the chopping block? Ashley gives Blake the heave-ho.

Next week: Ashley and her final six guyshead toTaiwan!



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