The 911 Conspiracy

On 911/2001, the US is attacked with passenger planes flown into buildings by Islamic extremists, we are told. Thousands, mostly innocent folks, perished in these tragedies. September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten by both sympathizers and perpetrators.

That was 9 years ago and yet, new discoveries keep adding to the suspicions of “conspiracy theorists” (myself included) that the incidents of 911/2001 were planned and executed with the help of US officials: What are the probabilities of two planes crashing into adjacent buildings on the same day in the same city, or in the same state, or in the same nation/country, or in the same continent? Below are some facts for you to do your own Math:

1. Owners of World Trade Complex (WTC) take expensive insurance on asbestos-infested Trade Towers weeks before 911/2001.

Insurance for the WTC –

WTC Infested with Asbestos –

2. The security for the WTC evacuated the WTC, for no apparent reason, on the eve of 911/2001.

3. Named perpetrators are now said to have belonged to army of de facto regime propped by world elites that get their money through endless taxation to create and sponsor wars to keep us in line – in their quest for a one-world-order.

4. George W. Bush is, without preamble, in his Texas ranch on 911/2001, instead of the White House where he was supposed to be.

5. Super-thermites and asbestos (which even the EPA originally denied were present in dust of World Trade Towers) are now confirmed were in dust of World Trade Towers. (I guess this admission is the result of numerous lawsuits.)

Thermites found in dust of WTT –

6 (a). It is now also revealed that American Airline Flight 77 (the Boeing 757 that crashed into the Pentagon) could have had up to 289 people, yet only had 64 seats occupied – a 78% vacancy;

(b). American Airlines Flight 11 (the Boeing 767 that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center) could have had 351 passengers, but only had 92 on board – a 74% vacancy;

(c). United Airlines Flight 175 (the Boeing 767 that flew into the South Tower of the World Trade Center) could have had 351 people, but had only 65 passengers on board – an 81 % vacancy;

(d). United Airlines Flight 93 (the Boeing 757 that crashed in Pennsylvania) had only 45 on board instead of 289 – an 84% vacancy.

The point? These planes combined were only about 21% occupied! Of course, I am happy to know about the lives spared on 911/2001.

Meanwhile, I strongly believe that the only way Arab-looking folks could have so easily taken control of the cockpits of US planes, would have been if they were escorted by a well-recognized or high-ranking US official! In the quest to carry out a war planned long before 911/2001 against Middle Easterners, the US and Great Britain sacrificed the lives of innocent people! Of course, “conspiracy theorists” who naturally can think for themselves, immediately saw the discrepancies and found no grounds for the now known unjustified 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Funny enough: On Sunday September 19, 2010, George Knapp, a host of Coasttocoastam, incidentally interviewed David Aaronovitch (a so-called expert on conspiracy theories) who, like a robot, clumsily attempted to explain away known and documented facts on incidents surrounding the World Trade Towers. Aaronovitch denied the presence of asbestos and super-thermites in the dust of the World Trade Towers (all known, documented and accepted facts), as if his programmers, yet to update his CPU, are still convinced that all people are that gullible and without a mind of their own!

While it is common practice amongst Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, to accept responsibility for crimes against their declared enemies, evidence show that neither Saddam Hussein nor Khalid Sheikh Mohammed nor Osama bin Laden could have been pundit of the tragedies of September 11, 2001. I think it is about time that we stop making scapegoats of foes for acts that were obviously perpetrated and executed by the very people we assume are under obligation to protect “us.”