Thailand- Language- Quick Guide for Travelers

Speaking Thai

Thai is a tonal language belonging to the group of Ka-Tai languages. The five tones are monotone, low, falling, high, and rising. This can be a complicated language for travelers, however English is widely spoken and understood in Bangkok.

Basic greetings and phrases:

English to Thai

Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Afternoon, Good Night, Hello: Goodby sa-wat-dee

Hello (Male Speaker): sawatdee krup

Hello (Female Speaker): sawatdee kaa

Yes: Chai

No: Mai

Mr./Miss/Mrs.: Khun

How are you? sabai dee reu

Fine, thanks: sabai dee

Thank you: kop koon

Never mind: Mai pen rai

I can’t speak Thai: phoot Thai maui dai

I don’t understand: mai kao chai

Do you understand? kao chai mai

May I take a photograph? tai ruup dai mai

Where is the rest room? hong nam yoo tee nai

I am going to: chan-cha-pai

No, I won’t go: chan-mai-pai

Please drive slowly: Prot-khap-cha-cha

Be careful: ra-wang

Turn to the right: Liao-khwa

Turn to the left: Liao-sai

Drive straight on: khap-trong-pai

slow down: cha-cha

stop: yut

How much does this cost? nee tao-rai

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