Thailand- a Haven for Relaxation- Off-the-beaten-path,

(Photos By Sandy Zimmerman)

We caught a 50 minute flight from Bangkok direct to Ubon Ratchathani then drove to the Tohsang Khongjiam Resort and spa. Getting away to the small towns was quit a change from the big city! With 10 acres along the banks of the Mekong River, the river of dreams, the Tohsang Khongjiam Resort brings nature and luxury together for the best of both worlds.

Beautifully decorated rooms and ultra-luxurious villas are the ultimate in comfort. The exotic design was mixed with Thai, Khmer and Balinese cultural-styles. Marketing Director, Ms. Pavaphun Tohsaeng Whan explained, “Guests say our resort makes them bad. They do not want to go home. Many people come for one or two nights, change their mind and stay longer. You will miss us when you go back home and feel good about having been to a unique destination.” She is right!

A one hour Mekong River tour in a long covered boat was scheduled.

As our boat moved across the river, I relaxed and watched the villages, farms and beautiful scenery going by. Tohsang considers itself a “Haven of Relaxation.”

Even their most reasonable accommodations were better than standard rooms at other hotels. The Garden, Mekong and River Villas were beyond luxury, described as the ultimate in modern living away from home. From the large executive house, I could see beds seemingly floating in a shallow pool. You have to walk barefoot in the pool to get to the beds. With views of the river, guests can schedule massages on the beds.

The hotel’s name, Tohsang means rising sun, which refers to their location as the first place to see the sun rise 20-25 minutes before anywhere else in Thailand. It is also the last spot where you can view the Mekong River before it enters Laos. This is a very interesting section of Thailand with many attractions.Tohsang Khongjiam Resort and Spa is located in the Khongjiam district of Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand [email protected]


Sawasdee is the traditional Thai greeting. There are chances to join the people at their festivals and events: The Songkran Festival celebrates Thailand’s New Year (April 13- 15). Thailand also celebrates the western’s traditional New Year; H.M. the King’s Birthday (December 5) is also on Father’s Day in Thailand and is celebrated with Buddhist spectacular evening illuminations around the Grand Palace and Ratchadamnoen areas. The public can enjoy folk dramas entertainment and open-air movie screenings. H.M. the Queen’s Birthday (August 12) is filled with fireworks and cultural performances; Chulalongkorn Day October 23) honors the king who abolished slavery, saved the country from colonisation and modernized Thailand; During the Loi Krathong Festival (November), celebrants place joss sticks, coins, candles, betel and flowers in a lotus-shaped receptacle. The joss sticks and candles are lit and thrown into the river while they watch to see if the light lasts. The flame means fulfillment of dreams and a long life; The Royal Guards swear allegiance to their monarch at a “Trooping of the Colors ceremony in the Royal Plaza (December 3);

For information, advice and brochures about unique settings for weddings, attractions, family holidays, business conference facilities, romantic hideaways, resorts, restaurants, cooking classes, safaris or tours, contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), New York City, New York: (212)-432-0433. Los Angeles, California: (323)-461-9814.

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