Ten Things Families Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day

This Earth Day, if you’re a parent, take time out from your busy schedule and spend time with your kids celebrating Earth Day. As a parent you lead by example. By showing your children that you believe our Earth is worth celebrating and protecting, your children will grow up to be adults who care about the environment and want to make a difference. Not sure how to celebrate Earth Day with your kids? Here are ten ways your family can learn more about the environment, celebrate the Earth and get involved in making it a better place for everyone.

1. Start An Organic Garden

Earth Day is a perfect day to spend starting an organic vegetable garden. Have the kids help with deciding what vegetables will be planted, preparing the soil and planting the seeds. While working on the garden talk about why growing a garden is good for not only your family but the Earth too. Don’t have room for a traditional garden? No problem, let the kids help you plant a container garden or even pots of fresh herbs for the kitchen window.

2. Pick Up Litter

In honor of Earth Day adopt a local park or street and as a family spend a few hours picking up litter. To keep everyone safe make sure the whole family wears gloves. After the clean-up enjoy your efforts by playing a couple of games together in the park or have a picnic, making sure to properly dispose of your trash.

3. Have A Yard Sale

Get the kids together and collect items that your family no longer needs or uses from closets, toy boxes and the garage. Once all the items you no longer have a use for have been collected hold an Earth Day yard sale with all proceeds going toward a favorite “Green” charity or put it toward a fun family activity. After the sale is over donate your yard sale leftovers to a local thrift store or list them on Freecycle.

4. Recycle

If you haven’t started recycling in your home or only recycle a few items, this Earth Day make a family commitment to recycling as much of your household waste as possible. Talk to your children about all the different kinds of things that can be recycled and buy special bins to use for sorting your recyclables. Having a designated place for each item makes recycling so much easier. If you’re not sure what items can be recycled check out this tip sheet from Recycling Revolution.

5. Attend A Local Earth Day Event

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids is to attend a local Earth Day celebration. Not only will you have a fun time, your family will also learn more about green living and protecting our planet. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day, can you? To find an Earth Day event near you check out the Earth Day Network for a list of events being held across the nation.

6. Have A TV and Computer-Free Day

According to a projection by the US Department of Energy an average 36-inch TV uses 133 watts per hour that it is on and computers use even more than that. In honor of Earth Day make a commitment to have a TV and computer-free day. Spend time as a family enjoying the outdoors, reading, talking or playing board games. You may find that you like it so well that your family will want to have a TV and computer free day once a month or maybe even once a week. No matter what you choose your family will benefit from the extra time together and you’ll be helping the planet by reducing energy consumption.

7. Read Eco-Friendly Books or Watch A Movie About The Environment

It can often be difficult for parents to relay information about the Earth in a way that is interesting and makes an impact on children. This is where watching a movie or reading a book about the environment can help parents communicate to their child just how important protecting our planet and adopting a green lifestyle is. A great movie to watch is An Inconvenient Truth or for young children my personal favorite Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. If you’d rather read, Childsake has a great selection of children’s books about the environment.

8. Brainstorm

Gather the kids together and spend a portion of Earth Day brainstorming ways your family can reduce their carbon footprint further or a project you could do together to help protect the environment. To figure out what your families carbon footprint is and how you can reduce it, check out the Nature Conservatory’s free carbon footprint calculator.

9. Make An Earth Day Pledge

Once you’ve figured out some ways your family can reduce their carbon footprint or help the environment make a family Earth Day pledge listing what steps you will be taking over the next year. To help everyone remember their pledge bring out some markers and poster board and let the kids create a pledge poster to hang in your house as a reminder of the commitment to the environment your family has made.

10. Have An Organic Dinner By Candlelight

As a finish to your Earth Day celebration why not bring out your soy candles and save energy by serving an organic dinner by candlelight. The kids will love the novelty of having a candle lit meal. To extend lights out a little longer take a stroll or sit outside and enjoy the evening.


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