“Team Fortress 2” – Why It’s the Best Free to Play Game in the World

I remember how much everyone in the video gaming world responded to Valve’s news of The Orange Box. Five first rate games, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode One, and Half Life 2: Episode 2 were included in the glorious package. Half Life 2 is a legendary game, so I made for sure that I played that game first. After beating the Half Life games, I had to pick out my next target in the Orange Box. I, being a huge FPS fan, especially of Valve’s other flagship shooter, Counter Strike, decided to go ahead and try out Team Fortress 2. That choice turned out to be a very good one; I had never played a FPS that could be this enjoyable, combining comedy and intensity into a perfect mixture.

We all have been struck with boredom in the middle of the afternoon looking for a game that will provide for some entertainment, but who wants to drop $50 on a FPS that you might like, or you might not? With Team Fortress 2 being free, your search has just come to an end. Now, I’ll tell you why I believe Team Fortress 2 is now the greatest free to play game in the universe.

Reason #1- Quality
Valve is a masterful game developer. The majority of their games are received by critics as some of the best games ever created (i.e. Portal, Half Life 2, and Portal 2). Team Fortress 2 is another one of these games. You will not find another free to play first person shooter that has been sculpted to perfection like this one. Every aspect of the game is nearly flawless, and the attention that Valve continues to give the game boosts its credibility. The graphics of the game are a perfected mixture of simplicity, yet contain great detail and sharp textures. Combine the quality of the game with the Valve’s digital distribution software and gaming community, Steam, and the two form a duo that is quite hard for any current free to play game to try and challenge.

Reason #2- Gameplay
Where do I start? First, Valve has presented you with a wonderful selection of weapons, anywhere from the traditional mini-gun to a fish, yes, a fish called the Holy Mackerel. With a humorous collection of weapons, and various collectable hats, Valve has created an inventive way to keep their clients happy. In addition to the hundreds of items that you can randomly find as you play, or craft yourself, Valve has come up with some unique maps that each offer different game modes. There are capture the flag maps, control point maps, and my personal favorite, payload maps. Each game mode has several maps to play on, so the lasting appeal will almost never run out. This brings me to my next reason.

Reason #3- Continuous Updates
Check this out: Since release, Valve has made 225 updates to Team Fortress 2. That’s right, 225 updates. These updates range from adding dozens and dozens of new weapons, to new hats, and even new maps and gameplay modes. Come holiday time, such as Halloween, Valve will add an update for a special map, themed with a Halloween environment. Because of all these updates, Valve has maintained Team Fortress 2’s excellence ever since its release. Valve spends an immense amount of time making these updates, and it helps to keep the game entertaining.

If I haven’t convinced you to try out the game, then do yourself a favor, download the game now! You’ll know what I mean!

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