Teach Yourself Anything

It is always better to teach oneself a new skill than to spend money in a class that will only take longer than if you teach yourself. Since the world is constantly changing and new skills are demanded from the employer more and more people would have to eventually teach themselves instead of attending a school or classes. One reason for teaching yourself instead of school is because someone has already graduated from a university in their chosen field but wants to learn something new, or needs a new skill in their profession. It is more time-consuming and wastes money in enrolling again in college, or university. People need to teach themselves new skills in a world where the next day this piece of knowledge either requires more knowledge, or is replaced with a new idea,or invention. Teaching oneself, I think requires more dedication and perseverance than any academic program. With the advent of the Internet people have access to billions of files of information, and most of it is free in websites hosting free content. Knowledge can also be attained from a local library, or if one has the money from a bookstore. I am starting to think that most of the degrees offered in community colleges, and universities can be attained through a local library, and be self-taught. The knowledge received from those degrees can be attained in a local library, or bookstore and yet people still insist in a college education, or university degree because they lack curiosity, and interest to teach themselves new things. The “special knowledge” attained from a college education is not “special” at all. In fact, I think when someone goes to college they are learning because they put the effort to learn, and read the books assigned to them, but in a self-taught experience one can avoid all the distractions keeping them from success. The distractions in a university and university living is partying, drinking, and the like. It is better for a student to live with their parents and study on their own through self-teaching.

When one teaches themselves they are the student, and teacher but as the student studies the teacher learns new things and teaches the student which one person is both teacher and student in the same time. It is an exciting voyage into an unknown place, and out of one’s comfort zone. Since the world is changing with new types of jobs and employment becomes worse in the United States, people are faced with a problem, but in their dismay they turned to colleges and universities to give them an edge in the workforce, instead in trusting in their inner teacher, as students they have become only students, and not teacher-student of oneself. The teacher-student relationship to oneself is a exciting thing to do, because one is not limited to the curriculum of a professor or teacher in college, and one can go on their own pace in their learning experience. No more worrying about grades, or academic performances because when one teaches themselves, they can eliminate that out of the equation and focus on more important methods of learning. College used to be very inexpensive, and people used to work to go to college. Now anyone can go to college and grab student loans and in their demise be in huge debt after they graduate from college, or university. The student loan debt is unforgivable and cannot be removed by bankruptcy. Some former students have not been able to find jobs because of their no history of employment since they had to go to college, and university instead of working. It would have been better if they taught themselves new skills and become marketable employees in that manner. One can still teach themselves the skills necessary for the job with Teach Yourself books, and Internet articles in the web. It is never to late to teach yourself. The sooner one does it the better.