Summertime Blockbuster Bonanza: 10 Great Seasonal Films

From sweltering summer days spent in the confines of a cold, darkened theater watching the latest box office blockbuster, to warm nights on the couch with friends and a stack of DVD’s, summer and movies are two words that are usually synonymous with each other. Here’s a list of ten films that are perfect seasonal viewing:

The Endless Summer: A clever and classic documentary detailing the lives of two surfers as they traipse breathtaking beaches from coast to coast and across the world looking for that one amazing wave. Spawned an equally seasonally appropriate sequel, The Endless Summer II

Meatballs: A classic piece of ridiculous vulgar summer fare that becomes equal parts poignant as it is incredibly funny and uplifting thanks to a truly inspired early performance by Bill Murray as immature counselor Tripper Harrison.

Psycho Beach Party: Though not for all tastes, Psycho Beach Party is a campy ode to and parody of 60’s beach bum films mixed with classic slasher elements, full of kitsch, wit, cleverness, crudeness, and some characters with truly bizarre idiosyncrasies. The blend of horror, cheesiness, and vulgarity make this a good alternative summer pick for when ‘the usuals’ are starting to seem a little stale.

Point Break: Surfing, beach bums, hardened criminals, undercover cops, guns and explosions, and more surfing. This little gem of a summer action film has a surprising amount of plot and character development that makes it a true seasonal classic.

One Crazy Summer: A screwball, fast-paced romantic comedy about two underdogs, an animator and a musician, trying to both find love and make it big. But first they have to beat a local realtor tycoon in a yacht race. Insanity of a family-friendly kind starring a John Cusack, Bobcat Goldwaith, and Demi Moore

Wet Hot American Summer: Both a homage to and parody of classically crude 70’s summer camp movies, this film documents a handful of camp counselors on their last day of summer camp, building in inanity and side-splitting bizarreness till its hilarious conclusion.

Summer School: A teacher on his way to the perfect vacation getaway after the last day of school is roped into staying behind to teach a summer class of underachieving miscreants, outcasts, and ne’er-do’wells. Feel-good comedy hinjinx ensue.

Eurotrip: Reminiscent of the classic National Lampoon movies, this incredibly clever, raunchy, bizarre comedy for the older crowed starts off hilarious and doesn’t let up on the laughs until its final moments. Just having graduated high school and being dumped by his girlfriend, Scotty jets off with his friends to Europe for the summer to hunt down his German penpal, who he’s discovered is actually an attractive woman.

Spacecamp: A classically fun family film about a summer camp excursion at NASA that goes unexpectedly wrong for five teenagers, resulting in a space-faring adventure as they try to get back home.

Weekend at Bernie’s: This unforgettable movie has probably taught everyone who’s grown up with it the dangers of having your boss invite you to a weekend getaway at his home on an island paradise. Morbid at times but always clever, this comedy of criminal intent is a summertime side-splitter.