Strip Club Etiquette

Of all the places where you have to use etiquette and manners, the strip club probably isn’t exceptionally high on your list, if it’s there at all. Actually, that is one area where it’s extremely beneficial to use proper etiquette. Think about all the things that could go wrong for you if you’re rude, from your drink being messed up to getting kicked out by the bouncers. There are a few basic rules to follow to ensure a fun time at the strip club.

The number one rule is do not touch the dancers. I can’t stress this one enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you are not allowed to put your hands on the dancers. That’s something that will certainly get you kicked out of the club. Let your hands hang at the sides of your chair as the dancer does what she is paid to do.

Dancers are paid to flirt and dance. They are not prostitutes. Don’t ask them for a date, or for any sexual favors. You won’t get what you asked for, and chances are, she will tell her coworkers, and from that point, you will be avoided.

You will also be avoided depending on what you’re wearing. Don’t wear sweatpants, thin pants, or athletic shorts. Dancers find this creepy. Be careful not to go the other way and wear jeans either because they are rough. Your best bet is to wear a decent pair of khakis.

Dancers have to give a percentage of their tips to the house, so not only tip them, but tip well. Don’t buy a drink for a dancer and assume that to be her tip. The money for drinks goes directly to the house, and the dancer doesn’t see any of it. Also, if you want to tip a dancer on stage, watch to see how everyone else is doing it. At some clubs, you put your tip into the dancers’ thong, but at others, you are expected to set it on the stage. Never, ever tip a dancer with change.

Men sometimes bring their girlfriends to the strip club with them. There are a couple rules that females should follow. Don’t be jealous of the dancers. If you are uncomfortable with someone dancing for you or your man while you’re there, it’s probably best if you don’t go. Dancers are there to do a job, not to steal your boyfriend.

Another rule women need to follow is don’t dance at the strip club if you aren’t working there. That is a quick way to make enemies. If you start dancing at your table, you are taking the attention off the dancers that are working. This is also taking away their tips.

It’s necessary to follow proper etiquette everywhere, including the strip club. By following the few, simple rules, you are sure to have an enjoyable time.