Store Brand Diapers: Walmart’s Parent’s Choice, CVS or Walgreen’s?

As the mother of a toddler I have tried numerous diapers over the past three years. Given that a family can easily spend $80.00 per month on diapers over the course of three or more years for a total of over $1500, I decided early on that I needed to find a good generic diaper.

I did research online initially. I read reviews from parents and I talked to people I knew who had children. I also did research first-hand by buying different brands of diapers.

I was looking for three things

Absorbency: I wanted diapers that would not leak, even overnight.

Price: In today’s economy I wanted diapers that were significantly less expensive than the top name brands — Pampers and Huggies

Durability: I wanted diapers that could withstand the movement and wear and tear of a toddler. Durable and reusable Velcro tabs were also important to me.

I researched and tested the following generic/store brand diapers: CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart’s Parent’s choice, Kroger brand, and Target brand

#1 — Walmart’s Parent’s Choice

I recently purchased a small bag of Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Diapers. I had not tried them before although I had read good review for them online. They are great!

I had been using Huggies Overnights diapers for night-time and travel until recently. The cost $19.97 per box but I felt it was worth the extra expense because they rarely leaked. I noticed that I was not getting good results with them and my toddler was starting to wake up soaked.

I reluctantly decided to try putting a Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Diaper on her overnight and it out-performed the Huggies Overnights diapers!

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Diaper, at $13.97 per box, is my personal choice for absorbency, price and durability.

#2 — CVS Brand Disposable Diapers

When my toddler was a baby, CVS Brandwas my number one choice although we did use Huggies Overnights at night-time when she reached Size 3 to avoid leaks at night.

CVS Brand Disposable Diapers were my number one choice because they were absorbent and durable but the main reason I liked them were the cost. I looked at the weekly circular and CVS diapers were regularly on sale for $6.99 AND Buy One Get One Free, therefore, I was able to get them for $3.50 per package, a deal that surpassed all other diapers. I would buy 6-10 packs at a time in various sizes.

#3 — Walgreen’s Disposable Diapers

Like CVS brand diapers, Walgreen’s Brand Disposable Diapers were dependable and durable, providing good leak protection, but they were sometimes on sale at an incredible price. They are regularly on sale for $5.00 a pack and sometimes they are also Buy One Get One Free also.