Social Security Recipients. The “United” States or the “GOP” States? After August 2nd ;

Judging from how childish the GOP has been acting lately to any of Obama’s proposals concerning the national debt, if the government defaults on it, we as senior citizens and the disabled will be hit hard. Not bad enough that much of what we get as income barely meets our obligations, but now “this?” Seems our government has it’s priorities all out of order. On a personal note, I am disgusted with the behaviors of the Republicans towards Obama, “and” I am a Conservative Republican myself. For how much longer, has come into question.

The GOP has been hitting Seniors very hard over the past year and it’s getting me close to getting in touch with some organizations about petitioning many of these members for recall. The BS that continues to come out of Washington is not actions FOR the people BY the people but Democrats opposing Republicans when in fact they were elected to represent the peoples of the United States and not this personal agenda we keep having to listen to over and over again. Whatever the hell happened to giving a damn about those who PAY their “salaries?” Seniors are just as much contributor’s to these political pockets as are all taxpayers of this country and it’s time they “gave” the respect to those around the country who have “earned it.”

Not only has the GOP been blocking every attempt to solve this problem with our nation’s debt but are not considering the jeopardy they are putting each and every recipient of Social Security “in.” If the government defaults, everyone who receives checks from them will also be considered unworthy regarding credit and will make it harder for each and every person to obtain any. Not only this, but within the banking and credit industry any person who relies on a government for their sustenance, will not be worth a hell of beans. THIS after many spending the majority of their lives feeding this system which for the last year has been trying to cut benefit entitlements to the Senior and Disabled majority?

I have seen the PREJUDICE come out of our lawmakers towards this administration, and never thought I would have to say this. I am “ashamed” of the GOP’s behaviors and the actions which may put all our butts in jeopardy. What the hell do they care how we have to scrounge around as it is already or have to endure one cut or another? They get their checks “regardless” of our suffering don’t they? Maybe it’s time to put these politicians in “our” shoes where it concerns the jobs they were elected to do and have not been “doing it.” Maybe we need is more than just a Tea Party, but the action of each citizen of the United States stepping up to these faces which are telling us we don’t matter. All of us, whether we like it or not are being dragged into this boat the Senate and Congress are putting us in, and I for one am voicing my opposition at their cruel proposals.

Consider how this country started from in the first place. Rebellion. Rebellion against unfair taxation, unfair representation, and unjust practices against the peoples. Those in Washington are judging themselves at the moment. THEMSELVES, against a nation who in the first place does not deserve to carry the burdens of “unqualified,” “childish,” “inconsiderate,” representatives that are more concerned over their own welfare than that of the nation they are supposed to be representing. The PROBLEM is not one which has a PARTY. It is neither “Democrat” nor “Republican.” It is an AMERICAN one and I doubt the peoples of this country are about to let immature bickering, and delays ruin their own worthiness or creditability as Americans. Much like in the 18th century, you can be sure, those in Washington will be made to answer to those they serve, and much like the King faced the rebellion of those who would not subject themselves to a one sided affair within being governed. The people have already paid their price and it is up to ALL politicians to sit down and fulfill their needs of those who entrusted them with their positions. United we stand, divided we FALL, remember?