So You Think You Can Dance: First Eliminiation

I made predictions last night and shared my early favorites so of course I had to stay tuned in to see if my predictions come true! I knew it was going to be a toss up of who was in the bottom three because the talent was so great and this is definitely the best season of So You Think You Can Dance to date. There have been awesome dancers before but not a full cast of awesome dancers.

The Bottom Three Couples

Jordan and Tadd- I really loved their routine so it sucks that they are in the bottom three.

Clarice and Jess- I mentioned last night that I loved Clarice from the audiences but I didn’t care for their performance so I am not surprised that they are in the bottom three.

Miranda and Robert- I had not made a judgement of their performance because their dance did not call for any emotions. It didn’t have no type of connection. So, I expected them to be in the bottom three.

Mitchell also had to dance for his life because he was not able to perform last night.

You can watch all the performances from last night on

Dance for your life

I did not think Tadd really danced for his life. It was more like a dance for food performance. Mitchel was okay, nothing superb, and so was Jess. Robert did a lot of walking in his performance. It was way too simple. Clarice redeemed her self to me and Jordan was spicy. Miranda was great also. The girls are definitely dominating this season.


Keri Hilson was in the house and performed her single Lose Control. It was an okay performance. The dancing could have been better since it is a dance show.

Lady Gaga also showed up. The world exclusive of her brand new video was The Edge of Glory was shown was shown. I did not really care for the video but I liked her black leotard outfit. She rocked a black and blonde bob in the video. I wonder if Lil’Mama is going to claim that Lady Gaga is imitating her also. If you didn’t hear, she recently claimed that Nicki Minaj imitated her blonde bob. Read Here. Also announced on the show was that Lady Gaga agreed to be a guest judge on the show later in the season. It will be interesting to see what she wears to that since she is known for leaving her home in underwear when she don’t feel like wearing clothes.

Weakest Links

Mitchel and Robert were asked to dance again since the judge was having a hard decision of who to send home. Robert did much better once he realized that he was really dancing for his life. Robert’s performance was about the same as the first.

Nobody got sent home this week. I had to breathe a breath of relief because I really did not know who should go home. Two couples will get sent home next week.