Six Beauty Shortcuts for Head to Toe Beauty in a Flash

Summer’s almost here and none of us want to spend a lot of time primping in front of the mirror every day. These six beauty shortcuts will keep you looking your best in a fraction of the time. You may love the shortcuts so much, you just might ditch the time consuming beauty regime and stick with the shortcuts year around.

Sun-Kissed Hair Without The Sun Or Hair Salon Hi-Lights

Shampoo your way to sun-kissed beachy-blond hi-lights. Use a shampoo designed to lighten natural hair color during the summer months. Any shampoo and conditioner that contains lactic acid will gradually lighten hair (color treated or not), giving it that sun-kissed look without ammonia or peroxide.

Frizz Proof Hair Without Weighing it Down

Anti-frizz, silicone serums for the hair are the go-to product to eliminate frizz. Silicone hair products can also weigh hair down and make it appear greasy, not a good summertime (or anytime) hair look. Try a lighter weight anti-frizz product this summer, one that does not contain silicone, like Living Proof No Frizz, for a shortcut to frizz taming.

Shortcut To Beautiful Skin

Skip the heavy makeup foundation in the summertime and play up a sun-kissed, dewey complexion with this beauty shortcut that evens out skin tone, moisturizes and protects against sun damage in one quick step. Mix equal parts of liquid foundation and face lotion in the palm of one hand, apply to face like a moisturizer. Use water resistant sunscreen instead of face lotion when you will be outdoors for added protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Melt-Proof Makeup With This Beauty Shortcut

Mixing equal parts of foundation and face lotion lightens up the look and helps keep makeup melt-proof, and for those days when you want an even sheerer makeup coverage, just use a concealer stick where needed to cover discolorations. Switch to a water-proof mascara or use a clear, water proof sealer over your favorite brand of mascara.

Eyelash stain and lip stain are two other beauty shortcuts for great summer looks. Eyelash stain will darken lashes and will remain on through swimming and showering for four days, lip stain will all day without re-applying.

Beauty Shortcut To A Fake Tan In A Hurry

Use an all-over lotion that has a hint of color for glowing skin without sun exposure and use just the right shade of bronzer on the face. Pick a bronzer that is within a couple shades of your own skin tone and use a large, fluffy brush for applying. Brush on the bronzer around face perimeter first, then work in towards the center of the face.

Shortcut To Sandal Ready Feet

Get those sock-hidden winter feet sandal ready quickly by shaping and filing toenails (file nails straight across). Then mix up a batch of skin smoothing exfoliant by mixing salt and lotion or salt and olive oil together and rubbing the mix onto feet, paying close attention to rough, dry heels. Rinse and dry feet, using the towel to push back toenail cuticles. Then

give toenails a quick polish with a shimmer nail polish, which dries fast and forgives mistakes.