Signature Bridal Quilt

When people get married guests bring gifts of all sorts. Some people go for household items as gifts; others choose money or gift cards so the couple can get what they need or want. But the choosing of the gift is often about how well you know the bride and/or groom. If you’re a close family member, or the best friend of one of them, it’s often expected that you’ll give a really nice gift, and in fact, most of us do just that. However, most gifts are useable, not treasures. If you really want to give a nice gift, one that becomes a cherished treasure which will be passed down from generation to generation, make a bride quilt. It’s a gift that seems expensive but isn’t plus it’s a gift that no one else will likely be giving at the same time.

For most people, the art of quilt-making seems like just that – an art. It appears to be a complicated process that the average Joe couldn’t do. That’s not right. A regular person – one who can sew a straight line, can easily make a bridal quilt that looks extravagant yet can actually be used.

Decide on the fabric you’re going to use to make the quilt squares. Know ahead of time how many people will be signing the squares so that you can decide how large to make each square. It’s a good idea to cut pieces of paper to represent the squares of the quilt. That way, you can write people’s names on some of them, color some of them in, and otherwise arrange them. When you do this it’s much easier to assemble the actual quilt.

The fabric you choose should be a type that will make it easy to write on. Choose several different shades in the selected fabric so that the quilt will have some personality. In addition, purchase a paint marker at a craft store – or more than one. The people who will be signing can use the marker which contains permanent paint.

Cut the individual quilt squares, but keep in mind that, the smaller you cut them the longer it will take to make the quilt. Get each person to sign a quilt block. Encourage them to write more than just their names. Well-wishes to the couple, love messages – these are the things that make the quilt so unique and cherished. Although a paint marker doesn’t write as smoothly as a pen the people will have no trouble writing with it.

After all the signatures are finished begin sewing the individual squares together. Sew a bunch of them, side-by-side, to make one row. Make additional rows and sew them all together. If you don’t have enough signature blocks to make the entire quilt sew in some colored squares without signatures.

A flannel sheet makes a nice backing for a quilt. Sew the squares together until they’re the size of the sheet. Lay the squares on the sheet so right sides are facing and sew around three sides and both ends of the fourth side. Leave a slit of an opening in the middle of the fourth side so you can turn the quilt right-side-out. After doing so, stitch the opening shut. Use a needle and thread – or machine – to make a tiny stitch or two at each corner of each quilt square to attach the front to the back.

This quilt is a simplistic one but very nice nonetheless. It’s not fluffy and overly-warm but is great for using during the summer or as a cover-up while lying on the couch. But, more than likely, the bride and groom will love it so much it will be put away in a trunk of other treasures!