Sick and Tired

I am now on the back side of age 50. I tend to look at things a little differently than I did 10 or 20 years ago. I also seem to be a little more frustrated with everyday things that I notice occuring in my life today, and wonder how I have allowed these things to manifest without my doing something about it. As you read this list of frustrations I am sure you will find these are some of your’s too. The list is not in any order or by no means all conclusive. Feel free to add more of your frustrations in the comment section. Here we go.

I am sick and tired of the US government in the way they handle my money. You spend my money in ways I do not approve of and on items you do not need. You pay yourself too much. You cannot agree on how to handle the current financial issues and point fingers at others. Because of this I will do everything in power to legally not give you anymore. Bank is closed.

I am sick and tired of the language used in today’s music world. I understand generations express themselves differently from the generations before. My generation it was hair. What I am asking is that you please drop the “F” Bomb and refrain from using the names of God and Jesus in a manner not worthy. Because of this I will destroy any such music I find in my house and boycott any product that uses this music as advertisement for their product.

I am sick and tired of people answering or texting on their cell phone when in direct communication with me. Because of this if you are talking to me and you receive a text message, and you look at that text message our conversation will be over.

I am sick and tired of the amount of time alloted for commercials during a television program. It seems as though there is almost as much time for commercials as the program itself. Because of this if I am watching a program and your product comes on my screen in the last half of the program I will do my best not to purchase your product.

I am sick and tired of cell phone companies period. Why is it that when I call a cell phone user and that cell phone is available I have to listen to a 1 minute recording by the cell phone on what to do? The speed of the pre-recorded message that is spoken to me could be done in 15 seconds. Could it be that it’s so long to use up my minutes? Hmmm. Because of this when my life no longer requires the use of a cell phone I will run up the highest bill that I can on my last month of service and not pay it. We’ll just call it even.

I am sick and tired of our judicial system. Why is it that our system is complicated that one needs to have a lawyer for almost eveything. I am totally convinced that a judge will rule against a person just because he or she does not have a lawyer. Peas in a pod my grandmother used to say. You especially notice this in traffic court. Because of this when my drivers license is no longer needed I plan on finding out just how fast my car will go. I am racking up 12 points of speeding violations in one day. Can’t wait to see the judge that day.

I am sick and tired of the way we immortalize Hollywood celebrities. C’mon man! Most of these people have not set the moral standards bar too high. These people should be immortalizing most of you. Maybe instead of having a show like “Entetainment Tonight” we should have a show titled “Single Mom Making Ends Meet”. There is the real star. Because of this I refuse to watch ant Hollywood spotlight show or Hollywood award show.

I am sick and tired when I am at a check out counter such as a hotel or any other retail esatblishment, in the middle of a transaction, and their phone rings, and the person who is working with me answers the phone. I know you have an answering system that has about 12 numbers you have to push until they finally get to you. Because of this if we are in the middle of any transaction and you answer the phone, transaction cancelled.

I am sick and tired of parents using the school system to parent their child then complaining about the way the school system does it. You are the parent. Take responsibility in your childs life. The teachers have to teach with handcuffs on their hands as it is. Because of this if you complain to me about teachers your child has, I will simply end our conversation and move away from you.

I am sick and tired of idiot radio hosts. The big problem here is that there are so many of them that it limits the number of stations that one can opt for. You people sit behind a microphone projecting your insane opinions while having the last word. Why not let the caller have the last word for once? Because of this I have simply turned you off. Guess I am getting the last word here after all. Idiots.

I am sick and tired a children being abused. There is way too much of this. In fact once is too much. Because of this I will not turn my head. Because of this, should I feel that a child is being abused or neglected I will confront you and I will get in your business. This incudes not placing your child in a car seat or seat belt. And don’t blow cigarette smoke on them either.

Speaking of cigarettes. I am sick and tired of finding your butts on my beach. People who do this usually don’t care about anybody but themselves. Because of this if I see you throw down a butt I will bring it to your attention in a very loud manner. In fact everyone around us will know what you did.

This is it for now. I will be adding to this and hope to here from you too.