Show Reviews: Paula Poundstone is Different!

I had a chance to interview comedian Paula Poundstone before her show and felt she had a refreshing “honesty” about herself. Paula spoke to me just as she did to the audience at the Suncoast Hotel. “My act is autobiographical. I talk about raising 3 kids and 16 cats. Just like every other parent, I try to strike that balance. Fortunately I love my work and I love taking care of my kids so those are my two favorite things to do which is lucky because that’s all I ever get to do except for an occasional game of ping pong.”

Sixteen cats are a lot of cats and a lot of litter boxes! She complained, “A lot of people say ‘‹Å”how did you get 16 cats?’ I’ll tell you exactly how I got 16 cats, I had 15 and I got one more. I swear, I sift litter so much I have a callous on my hand. I’m a trained professional sifter which is ironic because I never enjoyed the beach that much. Sifting is my main job.People tell me the most intimate things about themselves and I have the tendency to cut them off and tell them something that reminds me of myself. I made this deal to write a book but it took me nine years. After spending tons of time staring at a blank paper and feeling like an idiot writing about myself, I thought, ‘‹Å”If I tried to write about Abraham Lincoln, I wouldn’t be able to shut up about myself. My book is a series of biographies of towering historic figures and in the telling of their story, I tell my own. In the first chapter, I tell about Abe Lincoln. The similarities and parallels were leaping off the page.

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