Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress on eBay?

Should you buy your wedding dress, the most important dress you will likely ever wear in your life, on eBay? I did, and based on my personal experience, here is my advice on buying your wedding dress on eBay, what to expect, and whether or not the risk is worth taking.

First off, you should only buy your wedding dress on eBay if you are entirely comfortable buying your wedding dress unseen to begin with. You don’t get to try on the dress before buying it, you are trusting that the picture of the dress (along with the description) is something you want and is actually what you will be getting, and you are basically buying your wedding dress completely blind. If you can’t tolerate the mere thought of buying your wedding dress without even touching the fabric, then stop right here and be rest assured, that NO- you should not buy your wedding dress on eBay.

That being said, if you have an open mind and are confident that you will love the dress you keep scrolling back to before choosing the “buy now” button, then buy all means, buy the wedding dress on eBay- with caution. The absolute first thing you should do before even thinking about buying your wedding dress is to check the seller’s rating. Anything under 98% satisfaction is a no-go. Go one step further and read the feedback from recent buyers, looking for comments like ‘quick shipping’, ‘dress as described’, and ‘seller easy to converse with’. These are signs that the wedding dress you buy on eBay will likely get to you fast, the seller is willing to work with you as far as questions and concerns, and that the dress received matches the description of the dress on eBay.

Before I bought the dress I wanted, I looked at the seller ratings of several sellers of the same dress on eBay, choosing the one with the best feedback. Beyond that, I sent a message to each seller I was considering, asking a vague question about the dress to see how quickly they would respond. If the seller responded right away, then it was a good sign that they would keep in contact with me after purchasing the dress from them. I spent about 2 weeks reviewing seller ratings, messaging them, and reading their individual descriptions of the dress (including shipping times, refund or exchange policies, and whether or not they would custom-make the dress) before settling on the seller I decided to go with.

Choose your seller wisely. I chose my seller because they had an exchange policy, responded to every question I had about the dress within the same day, and the price of the dress was right. I bought my dress for $119, and got so much information about the dress and how it would be sized that I knew exactly what it would look like, including weight, before I even opened the package (from China) less than 3 weeks after ordering. In short, there was no shock factor to worry about when I received my dress. I even was informed that the dress in the picture was ivory, not white, when I mistakenly said I wanted a “white dress just like the one in the picture.” I got exactly what I expected to get in my wedding dress.

Here’s another thing as well- pay very close attention to how long it should take for you to receive your dress. My dress was described as taking 10-15 days for creation, and 5-7 for shipping. I got my dress much sooner than I expected, but just beware- the dress may take some time to get to you.

My biggest advice for buying a dress on eBay? Order it in generic sizes. Since most people measure themselves (like I did) so they can get their dress custom-sized, they falsely believe the wedding dress will fit like a glove when they receive it, so they don’t have an alteration plan in mind. I assumed that even with my custom order my dress would still need alterations, and sure enough, the bust was too big in the bugger. Luckily, I had a seamstress at the ready to handle my eBay wedding dress woes. My advice is to just order in the basic sizes, since it’s easier to take in a wedding dress than let it out. Plus, you don’t have the hassle of possibly ordering the dress too small, or having to measure yourself and guess your correct sizing.

If you’re thinking about buying your wedding dress on eBay, I say go ahead and do it. I got my dress for $119, and got a gorgeous dress that I just love. About $80 of alterations will make it fit me just perfectly, and I didn’t have to step one foot in a bridal shop or go through the stress of trying on exorbitantly priced dresses in a panic. If you have the open mind to choose your wedding dress among thousands on eBay, and keep an eye on the sellers you are considering, you should be able to choose the perfect wedding dress for you on eBay, at just the right price, and you will absolutely LOVE it.


buying my own wedding dress from a seller based in China on eBay