Shelby American Muscles Up with 800 Hp GT 500 Super Snake

Shelby American with its partner Ford Racing, plans to steal the stage at the 2011 New York International Auto Show, which opens April 22 and will display some of the world’s hottest automobiles.

Super Snake GT500 Will Have 800 Wild Horses Under the Hood

The Shelby American Super Snake will likely be the hottest of the hottest. The 800 hp GT 500 Super Snake Mustang is sure to attract huge crowds of muscle car fans who will dream of cruising around on a bright sunny day experiencing the exhilaration and excitement that 800 hp under the hood perfectly complemented by a full bore racing suspension package can bring. Oh yes, there will be racing type disc brakes to match the performance package.

Electric Car Buzz Compared to Super Snake – No Contest

Compare the excitement that New York Auto Show attendees will experience as they view the latest in electric car models compared to the Super Snake muscle car. I expect that if there were such thing as an excitement meter when pointed at the audience viewing the electric cars the needle would barely register above zero, while when viewing the Super Snake the needle would peg at 100.

Yes, I know that energy conservation should be an important issue in America. However, compared to the perceived need for speed and power and the desire to keep a car crazy America that still has a burning passion for muscle cars alive the puny electric cars have no chance to become part of the American dream. At least not while new heavy duty muscle cars are still being manufactured.

American Technology Put on Display

The Shelby American 800 hp GT 500 Super Snake Mustang does not come cheap at an estimated $100,000. Many fans attending the New York auto show will only be able to dream about cruising around in and blowing their friends away with the fabulous Super Snake. Still, Shelby American and Ford have without a doubt done their marketing homework as to the attraction that this super muscle car will have to celebrities and wealthy businessmen who must, just must, own this example of American innovation, performance, technology, and dare I say it, masculinity.

Take Jay Leno for example. As a well-known celebrity who has an extensive luxury and performance car collection I cannot imagine that Jay Leno’s humongous garage will not soon feature a Shelby American 2012 GT 500 Super Snake stealing the thunder from a much more expensive bright red Italian Ferrari and steel gray Lamborghini. I can easily visualize him grinning from ear to ear as he floors the accelerator and is firmly pressed back into his GT 500 bucket seat. As the Super Snake blasts away with mind numbing acceleration I have to think that Jay would be thinking that the $100,000 was the best money he ever spent.

Team Shelby Website:”Shelby American To Unveil 800 HP Super Snake In New York”