Setting a Benchmark for Quality of Education, Educational System Worldwide, Rights of Public School Teachers and Centers for Excellence

Educational system worldwide

The traditional education has played a key role in the intellectual growth and development of every child regardless of his or her race. Usually, the ancient children took education as a tool to strengthen their domination. It introduced further, how education developed in each period, contributions of women and important education thoughts took center stage. Education, for the people who lived in the biblical world, was more than a simple matter of memorizing information and taking tests. It was a quest for the concealed scheme by the magi and the presence of the Omnipotent Being. Other nascent country experienced such an education through military training. Say for instance, children in most of ancient Greece commenced with their education at age seven. In Sparta, boys were given military training from ages seven to twenty to prepare them for service in the army. Girls were required also to train themselves physically.

Education, in general, has commenced as old as life itself because it even existed in the prehistoric era and man passed it on to his offspring. It was just a primeval but a nascent tutelage which was very straightforward for man’s survival. There was no formal education before. Man learned to educate himself through actions, imitations and experiences. Parents attempted to impart knowledge to their children with simple skills like hunting in order to have some food for their survival. Their concentration focused on food, shelter, clothing and self-protection from any peril. They never cared to know how to read and write until such time it came to pass that the process of education evolved to a deeper concentration for an early civilization. It made man to learn about his notions, emotions, wisdom, and religion. The formal educational system made also man enable to read, write, and think logically and initiate wisely and efficiently.

Education in ancient world has played its significant role in the upliftment of society. To substantiate its claims, there are several literary sources that can offer historical references about educational system of the ancient societies. Education at that time was precisely so strong and effective. Students got easily learned about the topics or subjects given to them for in-depth analysis and study by the mentors. Although, the practice was very stringent and offbeat on the part of the learners, but the output was very effective and was far beyond the ordinary learning.

According to Plato, the major concern or aim of education is the way to “truth.” The attainment enables a person to make correct decisions, to adopt wise courses of action and to see things as they really are, i.e. in a balanced way. Only by this achievement can one realize the “form” which is referring to good life. Truth is a state of personal being, therefore, a good education makes good men, and good men act nobly. Since we claim to be a Christian country, our educational institutions should be even more conscious of this purpose. If our goal is a new Adam, what does it say about “Past, Present and Future of Education” as procured by diverse teachings in yesterday’s era, today’s times and the next millennium which are referred to as ancient education, modern education and future education ? This question needs in-depth analysis by dredging up infinitely beyond the human comprehension of what is education all about. Besides, education plays a very important part of the people’s lives. It enhances and shapes the pattern of living, culture, customs and tradition of the different groups of people. A man who is hungry for knowledge continuously searches for a better education that can help him obtain a better life for global satisfaction. Different innovations, inventions and advanced scientific notions are some instances that we acquired from education.

Rights of public school teachers

This act is indispensable to the teachers in the public schools. It protects the rights of teachers: tenure of office, academic freedom, and other benefits for their well-being. There is a section in this act that mandates the head of office to inform the teachers of this code. Unfortunately, this is not so. Some teachers are not privy to the provisions of this code as this is not discussed with them. Whenever a question arises as to the legality of any action by the teacher, he or she has to find a copy of this code.

There was a teacher who requested for a study leave for one year. Since she did not know that she is entitled to a study leave with pay, she applied for a study leave without pay. The principal told her that her application might not be approved as this is no longer allowed. She was advised to personally talk to the superintendent and discuss her request with her. Her papers did not have the endorsement of the principal. When she talked to the superintendent, the superintendent told her to go back to her principal and have her papers signed by the principal first before the superintendent signs it. When the papers were finally signed by the two school officials, she went to the regional office for processing. To her surprise, she was told that she is eligible for a study leave with pay as she has already served more than seven years. She was shown a copy of the Magna Carta. Isn’t it deplorable that the information must come from a mere processing clerk than from the two school officials? Aren’t they supposed to be the source of information? Is this not a case of withholding information for some ulterior motives?

Magna Carta for public school teachers serves as the guide to “utter” protection and freedom, away from threats and terminations from the concerned authorities. If you are not aware of this law, you are always threatened by the administrators or any person in authority to terminate you from work once you violated the law. For the information of everybody, the Magna Carta has significantly defined along with its history in the English realms, it is also known as Magna Carta Libertatum, an English 1215 charter which limited the power of English Monarchs, specifically King John, from absolute rule. Magna Carta was the result of disagreements between the Pope and King John and his barons over the rights of the king: Magna Carta required the king to renounce certain rights and respect certain legal procedures, and to accept that the will of the king could be bound by law. Magna Carta is widely considered to be the first step in a long historical process leading to the rule of constitutional law. All of them are patterned after the present Magna Carta law for teachers.

In order to be protected from abuses, etc. I think every teacher must have a copy of this Magna Carta with him so that whenever he feels aggrieved, he can refer to this law to protect his rights. And that is the essence of Magna Carta for teachers both in the public and private schools in the Philippines.

Quality of Education

Anything that propels to pan out and to become successful by degrees, the definition itself is called a benchmark of education. Anything that gives a standard by which something can be measured is also called a benchmark of education. In other words, a benchmark is a standard or a set of standards used as a point of reference for evaluating performance or level of quality. According to an “education dictionary,” a benchmark maybe drawn from a school’s own experience, from the experience of other schools in the teaching industry or from educational points of view and requirements such as implementing guidelines, rules and regulations of the learning institution. Education places emphasis on the importance of life, values, progress and stability.

Without them life is futile, values will become crippled, progress impedes to uplift and stability stagnates whatever directions that may guide or point to. Setting a benchmark to quality of education is just like a free public secondary education anywhere in the world, and let our poor parents from depressed areas welcome this laudable act when it was implemented a long time ago. It is a big help because students can enroll without cash involved. It is mandated that all public schools can not compel parents to pay any fee during enrollment–the school used to ask for certain amount upon enrollment. These are voluntary contributions, although the government says it is free!

All of these meanings and functions really apply the whole educational set up of a school where there is a bulk of production which depends upon the success of manpower and management maneuvers. If all of them fail, everything will collapse in terms of investments and good company governance. This scenario reflects also on the kind of teacher in a certain learning institution who had been singled out to teach as he is part already of the faculty family. A teacher who lacks the skills in teaching, most especially in strategies and techniques of teaching, is a teacher who needs to bolster up his savvy as well as in-service-training and who needs to uplift his standards of teaching.

Academic excellence is indispensable to a quality of education nowadays. Teacher in any public and private school around the world should equip with a caliber of intelligence and a vast repertoire of experiences. Thus, he is an agent for change, and education lies in his capability to develop things into perspectives. In general, the teacher should be a model of everything.

Quality of education is very important not only for the students, but also for the teachers. In order to upgrade the standard of the learning institution, see to it that the teacher-applicants must pass the criteria for teacher’s board eligibility, in support of Commission on Higher Education thru Department of Education for approval. It is hard to find dedicated teachers at present with the utmost commitment and integrity of their professions. That is why the school must accept commentaries to whoever writers put them on a little bit ambiguity. The purpose is not to degrade or defame the school, but to put it on a high pedestal by checking irregularities through constructive criticisms.

Integrity of the professions, as well as disciplines that will provide quality of education for the nation is consequently the fundamental mileage geared towards deregulation and reorientation of programs for teaching competencies. Integrity sustains professional upgrading or development not only of the professionals but also of the teachers through revitalization of existing school-based and structured-learning action cells. Entry to the teaching profession shall commence with a teacher profile program. A career progression scheme for teachers, administrators and specialists shall be developed. Relatively, this is the denouement of disciplines paving the way for academic excellence.

The most important factor in attaining quality of education is the teacher for he is the central figure in all teaching activities and the child is the heart of the matter. The teacher takes over the starring role of leading the young under his charge to become useful, upright and law-abiding member of the society. The teacher’s role and responsibility is to serve as value developer, model and advocate. He acts as adviser, facilitator, friend, parent or even architect. In other words, the teacher is to be called an agent of change. The change that can forever help all the students and even the people within the community to bolster up in terms of financial and physical aids for the benefits of everybody.

The teacher’s role in our society is very wide enough and he is considered as the most significant factor in the benchmark of education. He possesses the virtues like love, patience, kindness and many more to the needs of students, parents and community. He works well with the local government unit officials and religious leaders. He actively joins with entire community projects, assemblies, trainings and seminars. He encourages the residents of the community to act as front-liners and “bridge” to come up with tangible projects for the benefits of the students, parents and teachers.

So, with many challenges that confront our country, let’s move forward in unity and strive for the improvement on the quality of education and for the realization of vision of the country which means that education will not have only achieved that quality long-sought for and desired by everyone but most importantly, education by then will be globally competitive. Teachers are the implementers of the system. We should be proud of our teachers. Our future lies in them.

Centers for excellence

The government has made a good start in building a lot of schools not only in the cities but also in the mountainous barangays to cater to the needs of our children as far as education is concerned. But assuring its quality is another thing. How can we be sure that education offered in these schools is really a “quality” of education? With the concerted efforts of the school administrators and faculty, the standard of education should be carried out for complacency–it is a must and we have to strive harder in order to achieve academically.

To know its core of knowledge acquisition, and to have cognizance about “what is education” all about , it gauges its benchmark through quality of education that a school can offer to the students. It is also gauged in performing the internal and external affairs of the school, especially those students and teachers who are interested in theories, practices, policies and the overall control, management and improvement; besides, the school affairs are not only intended for the internal aspects but also for the external aspects of the learning institution. On the other hand, despite school lapses, the school administrator wishes to encourage performance of each mentor on: reported research results, especially when there are evaluation impacts on quality assurance systems, procedures and methodologies; theoretical analyses of quality and quantity initiatives in education; comparative evaluation, local and international practices and policies with a general view in identifying transportable methods, systems and good governance.

Having successfully come by the “centers for excellence” to the learning populace, it is one way of addressing this concern. These centers for excellence experiment and try out relevant and innovative pre-service teacher education and special training programs; organize and coordinate collaborative researches on identified areas for systematic investigation in teacher education as the basis for improving teacher education; serve as teacher resource center for instructional materials’ development; serve as the center mode for networking specific data; provide professional assistance; encourage mutual support in the region for upgrading their programs; and facilitate those who want to put up learning institutions and help expedite school accreditation.

Having performed these following functions, quality education can be guaranteed! Republic Act 7784 Section 3 states that quality education is a must for everyone. Each school should have centers for excellence, and members should (a) be highly educated, professionally qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to the philosophy, mission, vision and goals; (b) have students who are well-equipped and financially settled; (c) have adequate library, research and study facilities; (d) have competent administrative and support staff; (e) have instructional programs that are well-planned and relevant; (f) have adequate student development programs; (g) have adequate student services; (h) have outreach programs that can provide for relevant extension services for all; (i) have percentage of graduates who will become future teachers; and (j) have such other criteria as may be established and functionally put up for the benefits of the teacher education council.

Having obtained the credits as centers for excellence, it is a must that such a learning institution deserves a prestigious name. Centers for excellence have full responsibility of improving the lives of the learners and generally enhancing the quality of education for the masses. The government must take precautionary measures to avoid untoward incident besetting the school with criticisms, altercations and so forth. The government will make certain about having put up centers for excellence that are religiously extending full responsibilities over assigned centers, so that they can qualify the standard of education set and stipulated by law. The teachers must take advantage of the well-being; utilize the programs and services offered by the centers. They must grab the opportunity to improve their lives as teachers and students within the four-wall of the centers for academic excellence.