Sesame Street Resorts – the Perfect Family Vacation

Yes, Sesame Street has themed resorts that make perfect family vacations! Beaches Resorts now offer Sesame Street Resorts where the entire family can relax and have lots of fun. And, following the great Sesame Street plan, children can even learn! Beaches Resorts has two different Sesame Street locations in the Caribbean, one in Jamaica and another one in Turks and Caicos. Both locations offer similar amenities for both adults and children. However, children are almost guaranteed to have more fun as their parents waste their time getting massages, facials and all the silly things adults do at a Beaches Resort. These are just a few of the activities available to children at the Sesame Street Resorts:

Story Time With Elmo – At Sesame Street Resorts, children will enjoy story time. A master storyteller will tell a wonderful story and, of course, Elmo will pop in for an interactive visit. Whether is a classic story from Sesame Street or a new story about the Caribbean, children will love it.

Bird Watching with Big Bird – At the Sesame Street Resorts, children can become official “Birdketeers.” after their nature walks, where they learn about the birds of the area and their special habitats, the children will meet Big Bird and share all their new found knowledge.

Treasure Hunting with Abby Cadabby – At the Sesame Street Resorts, children will love treasure hunting with Abby Cadabby. They will enjoying guessing where Abby’s treasure is hidden from all the clues in her treasure chest. Once the treasure has been found, they can make treasure chests of their own.

Baking Cookies with Cookie Monster – At the Sesame Street Resorts, children will be able to make real cookies with Cookie Monster. What child hasn’t dreamed of doing that? Cookie Monster will even help the children eat the fresh cookies, as if someone could stop him.

Dancing with Zoe – At the Sesame Street Resorts, Zoe teaches children all sorts of different dances. They will be able to try ribbon dancing, line dancing and other great dances that are age-appropriate. Zoe even teaches her special ring games.

Making Music with Bert and Ernie – At the Sesame Street Resorts, children can make with Bert and Ernie. With all sorts of different musical talents of the children, there is no telling what kind of wonderful music they will create with Bert and Ernie.

Number Magic with The Count – At the Sesame Street Resorts, children will be able to count with The Count. This is an interactive time children can spend with The Count, who always makes numbers fun and exciting. Parents will love knowing their children are having fun and learning as they enjoy the non-Sesame Street activities for adults.

Exploring with Grover – At the Sesame Street Resorts, Grover takes the children on scavenger hunts and nature walks. This a great way for children to learn about nature in a tropical setting. This gives parents time away from their children to pursue their own interests in the tropical paradise.

Parents are no longer the ones who have all the fun during their tropical vacations at Beaches Resorts! And, parents can put the worry of finding engaging, entertaining and educational activities for their children. At Sesame Streets Resorts, this all taken care of for them. In fact, Sesame Street fans of all ages can enjoy the Sesame Street Resort with little worry and lots of fun – exactly what a vacation should be!