Sarah Palin’s Gubernatorial Emails Released by Alaska

COMMENTARY | MSNBC reports that emails were released Friday by the Alaskan government from Sarah Palin’s time as governor as part of a request that dates back to 2007. There are over 24,000 pages of emails that were included in the release and here are three things I found interesting about what they contained.

One interesting email I found was dated March 18, 2007, and Palin was commenting on an article that was in the Juneau Empire paper about the transition committee report on the Alaska Permanent Fund. The Juneau Empire was stating that there was information held back. Palin wanted an open, honest and transparent government so she was telling her staff to find any information about the Alaska Permanent Fund and release it to the public if it was not already.

This just deepens my own feelings about Palin when it comes to her belief in an open and honest government because she did not try to hide any of the information and wanted the people to see it. I learned from this that she will direct her staff to do what it takes to show the people of Alaska or America the truth whether we like it or not. This lets me know she is responsible and has integrity, while most of the media just tries to spin untruths to sell newspapers.

There was an email dated Jan. 2, 2007, in which Palin tells a staffer that she does not condone hunting in the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, which is a beautiful 200 acre wildlife area that Palin grew up visiting. Palin is a known avid bear hunter but it seems that she even has some decency when it comes to protecting wildlife in their natural habitat.

To me this shows that Palin can hunt for sport but also can recognize that hunting animals like bears in sanctuaries is wrong and she can differentiate between the two. When it comes to hunting this does change my perception of Palin because I used to think she was just out to kill anything in her way but this shows that she too has a heart for animals and wants to preserve them in special areas, which is something I did not know about her.

On May 6, 2007, Palin also emailed her staff to make sure that the alcohol was boxed up, sealed and removed from the People’s House. This is very cool of Palin to do because she had two young children with her that were at the age where alcohol might be tempting to them. I think it was very responsible of her to make sure the alcohol was out of the house so that her children could not sneak into it and find themselves in a bad situation. I always thought Palin was a good mother but this just helps me see that she is willing to go out of her way to make sure her children are protected as much as possible and I respect that.

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