Royal Weddings in the Movies Relevant to Kate Middleton and Prince William

The dynamics of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding include many elements surrounding its significance that are also shown in movies. Here are a few royal weddings in the movies featuring behaviors and beliefs that are relevant to the royal couple and their historic ceremony.

“The Duchess”

Starring Keira Knightley, the royal wedding that takes place during this movie is among the closest realistic depiction of a ceremony akin to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. The main character and her Duke of Devonshire enter into what could be similar to an arranged marriage compared to modern day standards because it was done for political and social reasons. “The Dutchess” is one of the relevant royal weddings in movies because Georgiana had to make huge sacrifices as a wife and mother to fulfill her duties to the Duke and position in the royal family.

One of those duties were to bear a son to be an heir of the Duke, a challenge that caused conflict in their marriage. While not as strenuous, Kate Middleton must sacrifice a few things as Princess of Wales and this includes working. She cannot hold a job outside of what is required of her royal duties.

“Coming to America”

Starring Eddie Murphy as an African Prince, this movie appeared to be focused on finding true love than a rags to riches story since the bride comes from a relatively successful family by some western standards. The first royal wedding in “Coming to America” did not go well, as the prince was given a bride that he was not interested in. However, this particular bride was prepared to fulfill the traditions that accompany being among African royalty but the second bride was not. Still, it was one of the royal weddings in the movies that appeared to combine western and African traditions since the bride may be what the English may refer to as a commoner.

Kate Middleton is considered to be a commoner but this may differ from Lisa’s social status in “Coming to America,” yet Middleton still managed to have a happy relationship with Prince William that appears to be based on love. This is the common denominator between these two royal weddings that may debunk a lot of perspectives that people have regarding the socioeconomic status of the bride or groom who marries in to a family of higher status.

“The Princess and the Frog” and “Cinderella”

While they are animated films, these Disney releases show audiences a fantasized depiction of royal weddings that makes the imagination of the average spectator’s perspective come alive. Still, there are realistic elements of animated films such as “Cinderella” that are very relevant such as the carriage. Kate Middleton’s form of transportation with her new husband is taken so seriously that there are multiple wedding plans and alternate routes solely for the carriage, to accommodate unexpected changes such as bad weather. Kate Middleton has also been taught how to enter and exit the carriage properly.

“The Princess and the Frog” also creates a sense that royal weddings are a magical event, which is not far off from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding extravaganza. The Royal wedding in this movie still featured rituals that will not be practiced by the real-life bride, such as when Princess Tiana threw her bouquet out to a group of hopeful women standing on the sidewalk. Kate Middleton’s bouquet is to rest on the grave of an unknown World War I soldier instead.