Royal Wedding Easter Basket Ideas: Celebrating Prince William and Kate Middleton

Get ready royal wedding fans for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue in this Prince William and Kate Royal Wedding Easter basket full of ideas. The royal couple marries just five days after Easter! What a great time to merge.

His Royal Highness, Prince of Wales, William Arthur Philip Louis, 28, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, asked Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton, 29, to marry him [Oct. of 2010]. The Queen gave a nod! The wedding date is set for April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. A double spring surprise indeed.

This Easter basket is best given to a royal fan who can’t witness the once in a lifetime fairy tale wedding. Not all of us can go. Let’s get celebrity creative with a royal pair, William and Kate. But first, the expected supplies.

Items required: a basket with handle; one newspaper; Easter grass [filler]; clear or colored basket wrap or festive wrapping paper; scissors; thick or thin ribbon; fruits and the traditional basket bunny.

Royal Wedding Easter Basket Ideas:

Colors for this wedding? We have reached our first hurdle – no one really knows for sure. The buzz, thus far, is that Kate may not go white. When you’re done hyperventilating continue. Until the color(s) have been confirmed we are going to have to work around it and offer two options.

Since Kate Middleton’s color scheme centers on dark colors, her birthstone a garnet, and the modern birthstone for Prince William is pearl, use a royal red and pearl white as the first option. Blue engagement ring, Kate’s now famous blue dress, blue defined as a royal color – option two goes to royal-sapphire-blue.

Option One, Royal Red and Pearl White:

If you can’t find pearl colored ribbon at your local craft store then go to plan B – white. Purchase white filler and ribbon [length depends upon basket size]. Wrap should be royal red in color. The kind of wrap you may find left over from Valentine’s Day.

Fill the bottom of the basket with crumbled up newspaper to offer the Easter grass fluff. Place the grass filler inside of the basket. Heavy and large items are next. These items can include from big treats and large or heavy gift items. Beginning with a royal delight – biscuit cake.

Prince William’s favorite seems to be chocolate biscuit cake. But how to fit an entire cake inside of the basket? You don’t. Create smaller sizes, cool, wrap then slip inside of the basket. You can find a great biscuit cake recipe on the Food Channel.

The Official Royal Wedding website offers many items you can add into the basket. First let me begin with the non-silver brass Royal Wedding Commemorative Medal Pack by the Birmingham Mint for just $19.25 (US $). Sure, it has good detail but…

The oldest stories ever told came from the Bible. With this fact in mind, something old definitely goes to The Royal Wedding Commemorative Bible, yes, the Royal Wedding Commemorative Bible for $40.05 (US $).

The William and Kate Contemporary Postcard goes for $3.27 (US $). The postcard is not such a bad idea to add with the basket but the picture seems a bit odd, bland. As if the two lack character features to assist in identifying them.

The newly released Prince William wedding stamp, a new pack of Royal playing cards, or any of these next items share more appropriate choices while symbolizing something new.

Ebay offers the Prince William and Kate wedding t-shirt for $13.61 (US $). Amazon has the HRH Prince William and Kate Wedding Commemorative Coffee Mug Cup for $15.99 (US $), the book “William and Kate; A Royal Love Story [hard cover] by Christopher Andersen for $14.07 (US $). You can also find Royal Wedding bookmarks, flags, and more on Amazon. has the “William and Catherine Royal Wedding T Shirt” with a crown shaped British flag, names with the wedding date written on front. Zazzle also sells the “Wedding Souvenir Pin” along with many other affordable options.

Something borrowed can be anything you borrow. This is when you can make this basket turn comical. It could be a tea cup of sugar [covered with wrap], tea bags in plastic eggs [Revolution humor], a used jar of Grey Poupon [rich humor], or half of an airplane bottle of Crown Royal. Use your imagination – something will come up.

For the die hard royal wedding fan include a copy of a gathered photo of Prince William, Kate, and grandmother-in-law [the mighty Queen].

A replica of Diana’s sapphire gem as something blue? Princess Diana’s sapphire ring is absolutely beautiful. For $19.90 Heirloom can deliver a more affordable option [perfect for young royal wedding followers]. If you want to go all out on this basket then visit and check out their sapphire rings. I must warn you. The prices range from a thousand up to hundreds of thousands in top dollar.

Remember, the second option of color to use for this idea was royal sapphire blue. If you did go with royal sapphire blue [or any shade of blue for that matter] you already have something blue.

When purchasing online certificates, online music and other forms of gifts that don’t come inside of a box, don’t forget to write down the surprise on an Easter card [or the William and Kate Postcard mentioned earlier] to display from inside of the basket. To bring the card a touch of class tie a small royal red ribbon around the card [vertical] in one rotation.

Red and white jelly beans should be spread all over the inside of the basket – the very last basket task. It is time to wrap things up! Tie the wrap with pearl [white] ribbon and top with white bows.

Congratulations goes out to Prince William, Kate, and now you – for creating an Easter surprise that could only come once in a lifetime.

Happy Easter royal wedding fans!

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