Rosati’s Authentic Chicago Pizza – Restaurant Review

Before I moved to Chicago, I heard good things about the pizza. My friends, who had been here before, told me I needed to get a slice of Chicago style pizza as soon as possible. I could not understand the fuss. The rumors peaked my curiosity, but couldn’t imagine the how different it could be from great pizza in other places.

Having a night in

Although I love to go out to eat, my family keeps eating out to a minimum for our budget and because I like my children to get home cooked meals. Every now and then my family will order a pizza for delivery though. There are some items that are best left for the professionals, and pizza is one of them.

Ordering from Rosati’s

Recently, we decided to order from Rosati’s. There are several locations in the Chicagoland area, but the Butterfield Rd. location is minutes from our home. After searching the website, I realized Rosati’s has an extensive menu. It also offers foods such as wings, salads and sandwiches, all of which are common place with other pizza joints.

What we ordered

The menu had an array of sandwiches including several with beef, and side dishes including cole slaw, fries and meatballs. Any of the sandwiches could also be made with specialty garlic bread or with sweet or hot peppers.

After perusing the menu we decided to order the Rosati’s Best, Chicken Italiano sandwich, half order of wings, large Caesar salad and a side of cole slaw. We did not have it delivered since my husband was picking it up on his way home from work, so the entire cost was $41. Although you have the options to create your own pizza, Rosati’s has several choices of combinations put together. The crust comes in three thicknesses; thin, pan and double dough.

Rosati’s Best pizza

Our Rosati’s Best had a thin crust and was covered in thinly sliced Italian sausage, mushrooms and green peppers. Thinly sliced is not synonymous with a lack of toppings though. Each of these toppings could be found on every bite I had. I was concerned the sausage would be too over powering, but the combination made for an awesome tasting pizza.

Chicken Italiano

This is Rosati’s version of a chicken parmesan sandwich, and it is tasty. The chicken is lightly breaded and topped with a tasty red sauce with heavy cheese and herbs. It is six inches and is served on crusty bread.

Wings and Salad

I love wings with pizza, so the six count portion was more than enough for me. The wings weren’t overly saucy or dry, but similar to those in any restaurant. Though the wings did not stand out, they were not a disappointment either. The Caesar salad was crisp, with a nice amount of parmesan cheese and large enough for two people

Cole Slaw

This was my only disappointment of the entire dinner. It tasted like slaw you could purchase pre-packaged in the grocery store. Although, I’m not sure what I was expecting, since I was ordering cole slaw from a pizza restaurant.

The price

All in all, $41 was not overpriced in my opinion. Except for the cole slaw, the other items were fresh and hot. I also made a price comparison to the items at Domino’s and it was nearly identical.