Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Week: Watch a Recap of ‘American Idol’ Performance Night

Do you have an “Idol” favorite who has been kicked off the show? If so, you can see their goodbye speech! On Thursday nights, we watch each week as one person gets booted off the show. To be honest, there have been a few result shows were I’ve been happy with the results. It isn’t that all of these contestants aren’t great singers; they are. It’s just that this season we have really talented people, so the stakes are high.

If you are going to sing on the “Idol” stage, you have to bring you’re A-game. It sounds so easy for us to say this, but in reality the pressures get higher ever week. We want each finalist to sing as well as they did last week or even better. America is asking a lot from these finalists, and they are bringing it week after week.

In case you didn’t know, you can go to the “American Idol” website to watch each finalist give their “goodbye speech.” Not only can we reconnect with them, but we can hear what they are planning to do next.

Last night, it was sweet sorrow to see Pia Toscano get eliminated from the show. There is good news – we heard some amazing performances which we can watch again and again.

Watch the Top 9 “Idol” “Performances

Casey Abrams sang ” Have You Ever Seen the Song,” on Wednesday nights performance.

Scotty McCrery sang ” That’s All Right!” This boy can sing and I hope he makes it all the way to the Top 3! This boy can sing anything! I was a fan from day one. I love the deepness in his voice, but then he surprises us with a great voice.

Lauren Alaina gave us “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” She can sing with the best of them… Love her! She has a softness about her that is so genuine and real.

James Durbin surprised us with his soft voice as he sang, ” While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” He is a star in the making!

James Lusk belted out ” Man in the Mirror.” Although I like him, I just don’t like him as much as the other finalist. One thing we know for sure is he can belt out songs!

Haley Reinhart gave us ” Piece of My Heart.” I love to hear her sing no matter what it is. She has the pipes to surprise us week after week. If that wasn’t enough, she is totally at ease on the “Idol” stage!

Paul McDonald sang ” Folsom Prison Blues.” Paul has been at ease on the stage from day one. This week he used his guitar and crazy-amazing voice to remind us once again why he’s here. The boy can sing!

Stefano Langone softly sang ” When a Man Loves a Woman.” I didn’t like the beginning of the song. To be truthful, those upper keys weren’t my favorite. By the middle, he was back to the Stefano we love. By the end, he was showing us why he was here. He can sing, boy can he sing, He’s safe because of all the high notes he sang with ease.

Eliminated Finalist

Pia Toscano gave us up-temp with ” River Deep Mountain High.” Sadly, she was voted off.

Check out Pia’s Goodbye Message

Pia Toscano has just been kicked off of the “Idol” stage. Although the judges, finalist, and the audience studio was stunned, what do you think?

Who is your favorite “Idol?”