Road Trip Tips: Staying Comfortable on Your Road Trip

Road trips are often seen as the All-American vacation. Each year, thousands of families set out to vacation on the road. While road trips are unique in the fact that they allow you to see every attraction and all of the scenery on the way to your destination, they can be extremely uncomfortable as you spend so much time sitting in a confined space. Staying comfortable on your road trip is essential and will make your vacation more enjoyable for everyone. There are several things you can do to make yourself and your passengers more comfortable on your road trip.

Back support is essential, especially if you are the driver on your road trip. Pick up an orthopedic back pillow or mesh back support cushion to throw in the driver’s seat for your road trip. This will provide extra support for your lower back and ensure that you are sitting with proper posture throughout the road trip. Using one of these to keep your back supported will dramatically reduce back pain while driving long distance.

Neck pillows are small, U-shaped pillows that can be picked up at most retailers. These pillows simply side behind your neck and provide neck support while sitting or leaning. Even as a driver, you can use a neck support pillow if your neck begins to ache, or your passengers can use them for naps on the road.

Using cruise control on rural highways will reduce aches and pains in your legs as the driver. With cruise control on, you can shift and stretch in the car and do not have to keep your foot on the accelerator for the entire drive. When using cruise control, just make sure to stay alert and focused and keep your right foot within easy access of the break should you need to use it suddenly.

Keep the car temperature controlled. If it gets too chilly driving at night, turn on the heat to warm it up or have blankets available for passengers. During daytime heat, run the AC if necessary even if it reduces your gas mileage. You can also crack your windows to keep the car cool and fresh air circulating. Keeping the car too hot or cold will make it uncomfortable for everyone riding in the vehicle.

Purchase an air freshener in a stimulating fragrance that you like. Having an attractive smell will make the car more comfortable and will keep you alert on your drive.

Take a basket filled with toiletries and medications with you. This way you will be prepared for any sickness or other inconveniences on the road. Your basket should include medicine for upset stomach, headaches, car sickness and bloating as well as baby wipes, hand sanitizer and sunscreen.

Take frequent breaks to stretch and get some fresh air. Staying in the car all day without stopping will wear you out and make your trip unenjoyable for everyone in the car. Make your stops 10-20 minutes so that everyone has time to use the restroom and walk around for a few minutes to stretch their legs.

Stay hydrated while driving. Drinking plenty of water will keep your body from tiring as quickly and will keep you alert and focused on the road as the driver.