Review of Coralite Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Muscle Ache Relief Pain Patch

I bought the Coralite Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Muscle Ache Relief Pain Patch from my local Honk’s dollar store (on $.88 Tuesday, so I didn’t even pay a full buck for it). I purchased the product because the picture on the front shows a man’s back with a white patch covering about a greeting card sized area of his mid-back, and the pack also said it contained 3 “sheets” per package. This was enough for me to buy the pain patch for my fiance’s lower back pain.

A single patch contains 3 “topical analgesics”, 1.2% of DI-Camphor, 5.7% L-Menthol, and 6.3% of Methyl Salicylate. It is used for temporary relief from arthritis, sprains, bruises, and simple backache. You apply the patch by peeling off the sticky back from the paper and applying the sticky back of the large patch (about as large as a greeting card) to the affected area. A single patch can be left on for “no more than 8 hours”, but is recommended to be applied around 3-4 times daily (no specification as to how long each patch should stay on) for about a week.

The patch smells a lot like Ben-gay or any type of muscle pain cream would. It’s minty and kinda Pepto-Bismol-y, and the patch is easy to remove from the paper. It’s basically the same thing as using a muscle rub, only you don’t get your hands all smelly and irritated (anyone else break out in hives if they even touch Ben-gay?), which I like. I just had my fiance lay down and placed the very sticky patch on his lower back, and we waited for the patch to begin its magic.

Does the patch work? Sort of. My fiance said he could “feel” it as he laid on the couch, but that it didn’t penetrate as deeply as he’d like. We decided to leave it on for the night, since by morning it would only be on about 7 hours at most, and perhaps it would have better effect if left on for a few hours. We couldn’t really tell if the pain patch worked after just about an hour.

By morning, that pain patch had fused itself onto my fiance’s back so securely that he was afraid to touch it! I lifted a small corner of the patch, and his skin came up with it. Uh oh. The sticky gel on the pain patch was oozing around the patch, further making my fiance’s skin just stick to the sucker. He didn’t want me messing with the thing until after he had been awake for a while, since gently trying to pry the pain patch off only resulted in irritating his (still sore) back.

Finally, I just had him stand with his back to me, grabbed the bottom corner of the patch, and just ripped as quickly as I could. The pain patch came off (as did a majority of my fiance’s lower back fuzz, which is a bummer because I think it’s sexy), and a lot of the sticky adhesive was still stuck in his skin. It wouldn’t wash off with soap, so we had to use fingernail polish remover (no joke) to get most of the sticky residue off that the pain patch left behind.

This must be why they say not to wear the pain patch for more than 8 hours- the heat from skin must melt the glue. However, even after 6 hours of wearing the pain patch, my fiance found little relief in the pain patch at all. He did say it was like putting a cold washcloth on his back, but that was about the best it got. His pain did not diminish in any way, the pain patch was merely a small distraction from his ongoing back pain. He gave the pain patch a -2 out of 10 simply because the pain patch took off all his back hair and effectively made him feel worse.

Oh well- at least for $.88 I got to hear my fiance squeal like a girl. But would I recommend these pain patches even if they are just a buck? No. Save your time and money and stick to the muscle rubs.

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