Review: Decker Creek Bed, Breakfast, and Biscuit

Located just a few minutes off one highway into Austin, in a small town called Manor, Texas, is the private residence and fifty acres of property that makes up the Decker Creek Bed, Breakfast, and Biscuit. We recently spent a holiday weekend at the Decker Creek BB&B, and had a fabulous time away from civilization, kids, work and everything else.

The owners, Pat and Byron Rathbun operate the two cabins that make up the BB&B for Decker Creek, and they have thought of every hospitality and subtle nuance that makes your stay at Decker Creek BB&B fabulous.

The part that initially appealed to us the most was the dog-friendly aspect. It’s hard when you have furry children to find places that are able to or even willing to accommodate pets, especially bigger dogs, but Decker Creek is not just accommodating: They are truly dog friendly!

Pet and Dog-Friendly Bed and Breakfast Cabins at Decker Creek BB&B

Every amenity is considered at Decker Creek BB&B, and not just for the human guests. When we arrived, there were fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies and fresh homemade doggie biscuits awaiting us in the cabin. As we unpacked and looked around the spacious three-room cabin in which we stayed, we discovered dog blankets, special baskets of towels for both humans and dogs (colored for dogs, whites for humans so they don’t get confused!) and a basket of assorted doggie toys for playing.

Human Accommodations and Amenities at Decker Creek BB&B

The cabin we stayed in, called the Hilltop cabin, has an open living room/kitchen combination complete with a small four-burner electric stove and oven combo for cooking, a sink, coffee pot, microwave, and a small refrigerator. The kitchen is stocked with basics: cooking utensils, silverware, dishes, pots and pans, and grilling supplies, as well as a mat and dog bowls for food and water if you need them.

The kitchen also had a supply of three types of coffee, packages of hot herbal and flavored teas, creamers, sweeteners, spices, fragranced hand soaps, and more. The bathroom came complete with shampoo and conditioner and body wash in an IV shower dispenser so it’s clean and neat, just in case you forget your own. There’s a first aid kit, bug spray and cleaning supplies if you need them.

A local business, Bloor House Handcrafted Necessities, provided samples of lavender beer soap, hand soap, hand lotion and lavender milk bath powder for the Jacuzzi. These samples were all-natural, made with organic and essential oil ingredients and smelled fantastic.

Decker Creek Jacuzzis in the BB&B Cabins

Did I mention a Jacuzzi earlier? Absolutely! The Hilltop cabin has a large Jacuzzi in between the living room and bedroom area, large enough for two-three adults to fit in comfortably. The Treetop cabin has a smaller Jacuzzi, but it’s in the bathroom with a little more privacy.

The Decker Creek BB&B Cabins

The Hilltop cabin is the bigger of the two, with an open floor plan, high vaulted ceilings for a cooling effect, kitchen/living room combo, large Jacuzzi and a decent-sized bedroom and separate bathroom. The bathroom is huge, with a large walk-in shower especially made for there to be plenty of room for washing dogs should your furry child need a bath after he comes in from the meadow or the creek.

The Treetop cabin is slightly smaller, with a smaller bedroom, but the Jacuzzi is in the bathroom. Both cabins have all the same amenities, with screened front porches off the ground, ceiling fans, central air conditioning, plenty of hot water for the showers and Jacuzzis, and gorgeous windows surrounding the entire cabin so you can look out on the grounds and watch the wildlife.

Both cabins have futon sofas that fold into beds that can accommodate two adults and a full-to-queen-sized bed (with memory foam and memory foam pillows, so comfortable!) for another two adults, so four adults could share a cabin and save a little bit of money that way. You’ll also find a flat-screen television, DVD player, VHS and a selection of books, movies, games, puzzles, cards and dominoes, making it a great getaway even in cold weather or when it’s raining outside.

Decker Creek BB&B Grounds

There are plenty of trails to walk, several open wooded areas and meadows, rock paths and dirt paths to explore. There is the creek, where dogs can have a splash in the water. The screened porches are perfect for drying a dog before coming in the cabin without him or her getting dirty again. Both cabins have fenced yards for the dogs to spend time outside where it’s safe and they cannot get loose. In the fenced yard, there is a hammock, picnic table with shade umbrella, chiminea (with chopped barked wood for burning), wood-burning grill (with a stock of mesquite for cooking and smoking), and a huge yard and chairs for entertainment and relaxing outside.

The owners welcome well-behaved dogs into their home for dining, so you don’t have to leave your furry child behind for breakfast either! Plus, if you have to leave the cabin for the day, they are happy to help pet sit your dog for you, and if your dog is friendly with other dogs, their dog Beau if happy to have a playmate for the day.

The best part of the trip for your dog is likely the agility park. They have a full agility course set up for dogs, with ramps, tunnels, slides and more, with benches for you to sit and watch or to run your dog through the course. We haven’t actually done the agility course yet, as we’re still here, but we hope to take our dog Jake there before we leave.

Breakfast at Decker Creek BB&B

Finally, enough could not be said about the breakfasts at Decker Creek. Our first morning, Pat made us baked eggs with Gruyere cheese, freshly made sausages, low-carb muffins (because we told them we were low-carbing), and fruit with agave nectar, coffee, flavored creamers, juices, and more. For the holiday, we had an “American” breakfast of cheeseburger omelets, freshly baked cinnamon rolls, fruit, juice, coffee and all the works. The conversation is light and friendly, and the owners are pleasant company.

Pat serves the meal with a gorgeous table setting, soft music in the background, and great conversation. In reading reviews of Decker Creek BB&B, we are not the only ones to appreciate and enjoy her cooking. More than that, they buy from local organic and sustainable farms, some of the freshest, best foods, both for your health and for taste, that you can find.

Book Your Cabin in Advance at Decker Creek BB&B

There are only two cabins, so it’s first come, first served and you have to hurry to pick the cabin you want (I recommend the Hilltop). For more information, to ask questions or get current rates, you can visit the Decker Creek BB&B website.

Decker Creek BB&B
6029 Decker Lake Road
Manor, TX 78653

And just so you know they are really as good as I’m saying: Note they are members of the Texas Bed & Breakfast Association (which has stringent standards and performs spot inspections) and they are also a member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International. They are homey and cozy, but they are professional and absolutely know how to treat their guests to a good, relaxing time. If you stop by the outskirts of Austin for a visit, tell them Michy sent you and have a great time!