Restaurant Reviews- Hard Rock Cafe- More Than Great Food, the Hard Rock Cafe is a Virtual Experience! Las Vegas- Part #1-

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Can you imagine a MEGA-I-Phone, one that encompasses an entire wall? The Hard Rock Caf©, on Las Vegas Boulevard, is ahead of its time. The Hard Rock Caf© is the FIRST business in the world to provide Rock Wall ™ Microsoft Surface ™ Technology to their guests.

Hard Rock International collaborated with Duncan/ Channon and Vertigo to create several custom applications for their guests to be able to search for memorabilia from any of their restaurants around the world. The “larger-than-life” 18 foot wide by four foot tall interactive Rock Wall ™ is the largest, one-of- a- kind wall in existence.

When you walk into the restaurant’s lobby at the hostesses’ station, you cannot miss the interactive wall. Yes, I said Wall. Just walk up to the interactive Wall and join the fun. It is a “free for all” with everyone doing their own thing! This multi- user “share the wall” experience provides a quick way to search for a showcase of rock history memorabilia by the name of the celebrity, the concert, the memorabilia, listing the Hard Rock Caf© location, and under many other categories. It is so easy! Several people can be enjoying the wall at the same time.

Touch the screen, move the memorabilia up, down, send it to your friend on the left or right as it seems to fly by on the screen past all of the other people. You can expand one of the pictures or videos by making it larger, smaller, or even as large as the entire wall. It is a screen where everything happens. There are photos of handwritten lyrics by John Lennon, Jami Hendrix’s Flying-V guitar, classic musical instruments, celebrities pictures, letters, concert tickets, checks, stage costumes, platinum and gold LP’s, and the excitement of other historic rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia.

More than just seeing the collection of one of the properties, this is a virtual tour of all of Hard Rock’s 156 venues and memorabilia from around the world. The Hard Rock collection includes 70,000+ pieces of memorabilia. The Wall is like a “directory of history,” all here for you to spend a few hours using this multi-touch technology.

Greg Thomas, the General Manager, took us on a tour explaining about their wondrous Wall and Surface Tables. I feel, “The technology is absolutely amazing, where each person can play or concentrate on serious searching for their favorite celebrities’ memorabilia simultaneously. Experience the memorabilia as you have never before, close-up and in every detail. The Hard Rock Caf© is always adding new pieces.”

playing with multiple Microsoft Surface units scattered across the reception area, bar, and VIP lounge.

And the multiple Microsoft Surface Tables, a dream come true for guests of all ages, are programmed with a choice of many different games. If you like puzzles just touch the screen to indicate the degree of difficulty you wish. There is a great concentration game, turn over cards and try to match the pictures with each other. It is harder than you think!

Even when you sit down at one of their large, comfortable booths, try your own private interactive 19″ touch screen just for you and your friends or family. Now you can entertain yourselves while eating delicious food.

Another one of the uniqueness about the Hard Rock Caf©’s memorabilia, each piece is donated free of charge by the celebrities because they wanted to have them exhibited for the public’s enjoyment and the celebrities often visit the Caf©.

This exciting Hard Rock Caf©, with all of Microsoft’s latest incredible Rock Wall ™ Surface ™ Technology, multiple surface tables, and other interactive fun, is located on the Las Vegas strip, at 3771 Las Vegas Boulevard South, on the same side of the street as MGM Grand Hotel, near Tropicana. The second Hard Rock Caf© is inside the Hard Rock Hotel, on Paradise Road.

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