Removing Calluses Using Natural Alternative Cures

We were all born with beautiful feet, smooth and unblemished. Then as we get older and wear shoes for fashion rather than function, friction creates thickened skin and we are plagued with removing calluses. Do you have unsightly lumps and bumps of skin that you want to remove? Are you looking for tips on removing calluses? Read on for some simple remedies.

Removing Calluses Brings Back Happy Feet and Hands

A callus is an area of thickened and hardened skin that forms on the hands and feet. Smaller lumps about the size of a pea that form on the toes are called corns, where calluses are much larger, about an inch in diameter, and are mostly found developing on the bottom of the foot or over a bunion. They are caused by putting more weight on one part of your foot than another when you walk. And they hurt, trust me I have had them! Calluses can also form on the palms of your hands, especially when doing manual labor where friction of tools rub on the skin, but also at play even with a tennis racket.

Easy Ways to Remove Calluses at Home

Soaking your feet in Epson salts twice a day for about 10 minutes will softened the hardened skin and provide relief from the pain. Rubbing gently after a soak with a pumice stone will help in removing calluses and get rid of unwanted dead skin cells.

Over-the-counter corn and callus remover pads contain salicylic acid that does remove calluses, however there is a chance that it can also damage good layers of skin, which makes it susceptible to infection or an ulcer. A natural remedy used in removing calluses is to wear non-medicated donut-shaped pads that protect the area from shoe pressure. Place Castor oil, which is a superb moisturizer for dry skin, into the center hole. Cover the entire area with adhesive tape that will keep the pad and oil in place. Vitamin E and Calendula oil or cream work well too. Wear these until the callus softens and heals.

Make a special scrub to smooth calluses. A recipe in Alternative Cures by Bill Gottlieb [Rodale Press] requires one tablespoon of sea salt, one-tablespoon Calendula oil, along with three drops of orange, lavender, or peppermint essential oil combined in a bowl. Place this scrub on your feet and gently massage the scrub into the callused areas. Spend a few minutes on each foot and enjoy the feel of the scrub and the scent of the essential oils. Rinse with warm water and rub your feet dry with a rough towel. Place a natural moisturizer on your feet and I’ll bet you’ll say “Ahhhh!”

Remember if these home remedies for removing calluses don’t work and you are still bothered with this uncomfortable malady it’s time to visit a podiatrist, who specializes in the disorders of the feet.

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