Red Dirt Oklahoma: Weird and Wonderful Road Trips in Oklahoma

When I’m looking for unique and unusual road trip destinations in the United States, I never have to go further than my home state of Oklahoma. I recommend each and everyone of these. I loved them and you will too.

Pops – Arcadia, Oklahoma is home to the world’s largest soda bottle. It is the beacon, of sorts, to one of the world’s largest collections of soda. Pops never closes so you can have your thirst quenched at any time.

Sleep with Wild Animals – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is home to the Safari’s Exotic Animal Rescue. At 26881 E. 85th Street, you will be able to sleep with wild animals. Most people only pay the $6 for the entire day, but the wild at heart can rent a cabin surrounded by all sorts of wild animals.

Roger Miller Museum – Erick, Oklahoma is home to Roger “King of the Road” Miller. His museum is located at 101 E. Roger Miller Blvd. Adults pay $3 and everyone under 17 and over 62 pay $2 to see this tribute. The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Gene Autry Museum – Gene Autry, Oklahoma is where you will find the Gene Autry Museum. Everything you would want to see or know about Gene Autry is there. The Gene Autry Museum is located at 47 Prairie Street. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is no set admission price – donations are appreciated.

Elmer McCurdy’s Grave – Guthrie, Oklahoma is home to the grave of Elmer McCurdy. His story is unbelievable. He started his life as a low-level outlaw and was killed by a posse. From there his body became part of a sideshow. Eventually, McCurdy’s body was in an amusement park in California and his arm fell off – while filming an episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Guthrie claimed him; he’s now buried next to Bill Doolin in the Summit View Cemetery on north Pine Street.

Mangum Rattlesnake Roundup – Mangum, Oklahoma is home to the Mangum Rattlesnake Roundup which takes place the last week of April. Of course, you safety can not be guaranteed. Rattlesnakes are highly poisonous. Be careful if you decide to participate.

Toy and Action Figure Museum – Pauls Valley, Oklahoma is where you will find the Toy and Action Figure Museum. It is mostly a private collection, but it is a large collection. The hours vary so call 405-238-6300 before making your way to 111 S. Chickasaw Street. Admission is only $6 to see all sorts of toys and action figures.

Dick Tracy Mural – Pawnee, Oklahoma is home to the world’s largest mural of crime fighter, Dick Tracy. It’s creator, Chester Gould, is from Pawnee. Anytime the sun is out is a good time to take a peak. Pawnee is about 20 minutes northeast of Stillwater – just follow the signs once in Pawnee; you can’t miss this mural.

Spook Lights – Quapaw, Oklahoma has been the home to the Hornet Spook Lights for over a century. Glowing orbs appear at night. No one has ever been able to explain this phenomenon. You will have to see them for yourself, drawing your own conclusions. Once in Quapaw, ask anyone where the best spot is to see them. You’ll get all sorts of answers, but you are almost guaranteed to see something.

Mr. Ed’s Grave – Tahlequah, Oklahoma is where the Mr. Ed is buried. His grave is located at 18557 E. 710 Road, about five miles north of town. Although the grave is on private property, just knock on the door and ask if you can see the grave. The folks in Tahlequah are quite friendly and don’t mind sharing Mr. Ed with others.

Visiting Oklahoma is never boring. There is no telling what kinds of things you can see on your road trip through the Sooner State.