Red Dirt Oklahoma: Dreams for Oklahoma City

America is truly the land of dreams. This is no less true for the capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. This big city with small town values and friendly folks has a lot of dreams. Many of those dreams have already come true. Those land-grabbing Sooners and Boomers dreamed of carving a living out of untamed Indian Territory. That dream became a reality. A century later, that same city dreamed of having an NBA team and that is now a reality. And, Oklahoma City residents are still dreaming.

Major League Baseball Team – Oklahoma City dreams of it’s own Major League Baseball team, preferably a National League team. The closest MLB teams are in Kansas City, Denver and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many Oklahomans travel to those cities to watch their favorite teams. Not only would this bring in additional money and tourists to the area, it would also bring in much needed permanent jobs of all kinds – baseball “front office jobs,” tourism-related jobs and construction jobs.

Manufacturing Jobs – Oklahoma City dreams of more manufacturing jobs. It would be wonderful if more major manufacturers took a long look at Oklahoma City. As more and more manufacturing jobs are moved overseas, it would be a refreshing change to see them move to America’s heartland. This would be a huge boost to the economy of entire Sooner State.

NASCAR Race Track – Oklahoma City dreams of it’s own NASCAR race track. The city is more than big enough to build and support a NASCAR race track. Much like a MLB team, this would be a job-creating endeavor for the city. Of course, NASCAR fans in Oklahoma would love not having to drive great distances to see their favorite drivers compete.

The Olympics – Oklahoma City dreams of hosting the Summer Olympics. With all of the colleges and universities in the area, many of the needed venues are already in place and, with a little tweaking, would be Olympics-ready in no time. What isn’t already available could be built in Oklahoma City and the Greater Oklahoma City Metro Area. Oklahoma City’s southern hospitality would be perfect for hosting people from around the world. Of course – the job creation!

National Finals Rodeo – Oklahoma City dreams of having the National Finals Rodeo return to Oklahoma City. It is already home to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. and was the home to the NFR for years. It would be wonderful if the NFR would come back home to Oklahoma City where it belongs.

Movie and Recording Studios – Oklahoma City dreams of having major movie and recording studios. What a coup this would be for the capital of Oklahoma. Perhaps if Oklahoma’s native superstars like Brad Pitt, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Ron Howard and Toby Keith would get something started in the Sooner State, other big name celebrities would follow suit.

Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to work, live and raise a family. As close to perfect as it is, these new additions would only improve this great city. Job creation, tourism and expansion would be a blessing to the city, state and region.