Recent College Graduates Want Job Search Success? Avoid These!

There is not an upcoming college graduate who hasn’t had some anxiety about his/her professional future. The graduates wonder whether they will get a job within the next 3 months. They wonder whether they will like the job. They wonder whether they will be able to pay back their student loans.

Combine all of this with the stress that takes place in the body when there is a major life event, such as college graduation, it’s a wonder that any graduate survives the last few days of college with his/her sanity in tact.

As a job/interview coach with C James Writing and former corporate recruiter, I suggest avoiding these three things if you want to stay positive in your job search:

Job Reports
Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or on your grandma’s television, the message begins “The report is (fill in the blank with your favorite adjective) news for those looking for jobs.” Like the weather in my beloved state of South Carolina , these reports can change in a minute. Don’t allow your job-seeking stride to be broken by what the reports say.

Message Board/Forums
Job message board and forums are presented as a place to provide support or enact with your peers. Too often, they are nothing but venting boards. I know it can be frustrating after you’ve gone on countless interviews and you still don’t have a job offer. You want to vent. Fine, take a minute to vent.

After you’ve vented, you need to contact a good interview coach such as myself to help you with your interviewing skills. The problem is obviously NOT your resume. Your resume is doing what it is supposed to do: getting you in the door for an interview.

Prolong negative job conversations
All new graduates run into unwanted advice about everything from what they should have majored in as an undergraduate to where they should have gone to college.

Recent college graduates will run into people who applaud them for graduating from college to people who tell them outright that their college degree means nothing in today’s job market.

Unfortunately, there are many people, including “the experts”, who thrive on delivering negative information. The key is not in what others say but in how you (the recent college graduate) react and believe the message they are saying. Like a soldier who puts on his/her physical attire for combat you must put on your mental gear when you begin your job search to protect negativity from penetrating your spirits.