Radiation Concerns Rise Along with Monitor Readings Across Southern U.S

Well we have got quite a lot of chatter going on today about radiation Monitoring stations across the United States.
ESPECIALLY news that has been shared within the small facebook group that stirred up quite a controversy.

The story began a week ago, with all details available and posted here at this link,Facebook: Social Utility or Social Monitor.

Mind you as long as we thought it was “only” a nuclear plant problem our thread was fine… Then our attention was diverted to HAARP( Discussed in article in regards to EPA statement that RF signals caused distortion of monitor levels I reported) it was then that our thread and our computers and our rights to access public government sites became and continue to be an issue. (Clue: google ECHELON SPYNET – TvWIKI).

This morning we reported a very concerning rise in radiation levels being reported by multiple monitors, specifically the Alabama area. This monitor shot( story and image Here) shows the alert icon activated with a reading of 167. It was shortly threreafter the monitor was taken offline, came back on with a zero. We did recieve one clue, to seach this database , which all are welcome to view in regards to Monsanto Activity Alabama, this information is included because we have been in a severe and ongoing weather system for 2 days now, bringing down a lot of rain.

While I myself am unable to access the EPA site here are a few current samplings of other locations contributed by concerned citizens:
Fixed Monitor Location: CO: COLORADO SPRINGS
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 10:30:06 AM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 11:30:14 AM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 282
Fixed Monitor Location: CO: DENVER
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 12:00:33 PM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 01:00:41 PM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 269
Fixed Monitor Location: TX: SAN ANGELO
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 12:24:59 PM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 01:25:06 PM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 240
Fixed Monitor Location: SD: RAPID CITY
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 09:52:11 AM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 10:52:19 AM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 172
Fixed Monitor Location: AZ: TUCSON
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 12:12:03 PM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 01:12:10 PM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 162
Fixed Monitor Location: AZ: PHOENIX
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 12:24:49 PM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 01:24:57 PM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 135
Fixed Monitor Location: FL: TALLAHASSEE
Measurement Start Date/Time: 03/28/2011 12:29:27 PM
Measurement End Date/Time: 03/28/2011 01:29:35 PM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 130

Deb Paulsen
Okay putting this here as a seperate post so maybe will not mess up others: We have discussed radiation monitor alerts, RF signals and BIG antenna towers interferring with these monitors, and now many monitors have gone wacky, is HAARP powering up? Should we expect a Major Earthquake or extreme weather soon?
Open For Discussion:)

Deb Paulsen SOLAR RADIO STORM: Did you know sunspots can make noise? Consider the following: “Over the past few days, I have been recording a sustained solar radio storm at 180 MHz,” reports amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft of New Mexico. “It consists of Type I radio bursts and sounds like ocean surf. Here is an audio sample from March 27th at 1930 UT. The sun seems to be entering a new phase of dynamism.”

Radio emissions like these are caused by plasma instabilities in the sun’s atmosphere above sunspots. With the sun becoming ‘radio-active,’ it’s no coincidence that sunspots are emerging in abundance. Leading the way is behemoth active region AR1176, shown here in a photo taken yesterday by Larry Alvarez of Flower Mound, Texas:

interesting from www.spaceweather.com
2 seconds ago • LikeUnlike. adding here > RF signals?
about a minute ago • LikeUnlike.Deb Paulsen maybe this amateur only thinks he is listening to the sun? Maybe he’s hearing non heavenly HAARPS?
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So what is the story? Radiation sweeping in? or BIG ANTENNAS in Operation?
When will main Stream Media discuss this? And will it be the usual blah blah?