Quick-Hit Reaction: Anthony Weiner Announces Resignation from Congress

COMMENTARY | According to NBC News, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) announced Thursday that he is resigning as a result of a Twitter sexting and photograph scandal. The scandal has been going on for nearly three weeks, with more women and pictures coming out to the media almost every day. Here are three things I find interesting about Weiner’s resignation press conference.

The first thing I found interesting about Weiner’s resignation was that he began his press conference by talking about his background and how he asked his neighbors for their support to elect him to City Council. I find it interesting that before he even began addressing the current situation and scandal, he told people about his family and his past and what he hoped to accomplish while in Congress. It almost sounded like he was preparing for another political career down the road by talking about fighting for the middle class.

I also found it interesting that Weiner was heckled pretty harshly while he was announcing his resignation, as well as for the rest of the press conference. Weiner has been through a lot of embarrassing moments in the past few weeks, especially when more naked pictures of him were released to the media. The journalists were shouting out vulgar questions while Weiner was trying to talk about how sorry he was.

I found this disturbing and disrespectful. There was even a point when Weiner had to stop his speech and reiterate his last statement because of the heckling. Weiner might have lied to the public and his constituents, but he should have at least been able to talk and say he was resigning without the journalists interrupting him.

Another thing I find interesting is that Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, was not there with him; she instead stayed at their apartment. Weiner took responsibility for his actions and said that he has caused this to happen before repeatedly apologizing to his wife. I find it interesting that Abedin was not there because Weiner maintains they are working out their marriage and she wants it to work, yet she was not present to support him during this probably emotional and embarrassing time in his life.

Weiner claims he will use this time in his life to heal with his family and, most importantly, his wife, but if that was the case I would have thought she would be there standing beside him. It was, however, announced a week ago that she was pregnant — Abedin she might have just wanted to stay out of the way of the media for her safety — but it still is interesting to me.

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