Qualities of an Effective Manager or Leader

All managers and leaders have the same common requirement to work with and through people to accomplish the desired results. Managers and leaders have a wide variety of duties which can also vary based on the the industry, service, or products of the company but the necessary qualities are basically similar. Primarily managers and leaders must achieve results. The following qualities are for leaders and potential leaders to enhance their success as a manager.

Good Communicator. Communication is a part of all aspects of our lives. As a good communicator you will keep free and open communication with the people you manage. Part of communication is listening. Being a good listener is vital as this will allow you to always know what is going on with your team and clients.

Delegator. An effective manager is comfortable with giving orders, overseeing activities, and giving out job orders. This allows for better productivity of the team as well as the manager/leader. Many managers fall into the fear of thinking that the quality of work will be worse if they do not do it themselves. Remember that some tasks are just not important enough that they require your particluar expertise.

Makes Decisions and Motivates Others. A good manager will have a thorough knowledge of the talents and abilites of each person and will effectively use them. The manager will also understand their motivational needs and keep them motivated in their daily work to ensure the success as a whole.

Train and Organize. Effectively training each person as well as yourself will result in better
productivity and less errors. As an organizer you are able to set priorities and discipline yourself
and others to put first things first.

Team Builder. The people you oversee have a variety of talents, training, interests, and commitment to their work. By learning to bring all these diverse people into a smoothly functioning team you are recognized as a manger/leader that makes things happen.

Problem Solver. As a problem solver you will first determine whether or not the problem needs solving. If it does warrant solving you as a leader will define the problem, set a deadline for a solution, collect and analyize and information to help in the solution, and make a choice on what action must be taken.

All of these qualities are learned. You may have heard the saying “succesful managers/leaders are made not born.” Where you go in your career is limited only by your deisre to grow, seek training, and how willing you are to make any changes necessary.