Psychometry is the skill performed where information is gathered by tapping into the energy field of an object. When psychics tune into an object, he/she not only pick up the energy of the object itself but the energies that has been placed upon it. For example; by tuning in into a personal item he/she will pick up the energies from the owner.

Psychometry can be confusing because every object can be subject to a variety of energies and psychics need to learn to focus & concentrate hard to pick up coherent information. They can pick up a variety of energies from different people and different places from where the object has been placed.

Psychometry is more complex than other areas of paranormal work, many to attain a high degree of proficiency spend their career dedicated to this sphere of psychic work.

The more ancient the object is, the more energy will flow through it. A scarf worn by only one owner will be a lot easier to tune into because they will read the energies from the one owner.

But only experienced psychics may tune in into a stone or crystal from a lifetime of thousands of years as this will take a lot of concentration to find detailed and reliable information.

As psychometry is much about sensations of touch, discipline, powers of concentration & visualization, it is also a useful tool for inner development as it requires good contact with the inner self. Other similar forms likened to psychometry are; flower reading, pendulums and dowsing,

There are different types of energy and all vibrate at different frequencies; Cosmic energy, earth energy and human energy. Cosmic energy is the energy that is drawn upon to open him/her to tuning in into an object, earth energy is composed of matter, it is flowing between animate and inanimate object. This is the energy used to tune into when performing psychometry. The third form of energy, human energy is otherwise referred to as the aura. It’s the spiritual body of all living things.

Advanced sensitives can differentiate one energy from another and with this are able to find specific information from an object but a psychic must cleanse the energies after tuning in because he/she can easily pick up negative energies which can have a debilitating effect, especially in the cases where police have in the past used psychics to catch criminals.

Psychometry, at its most basic level can be learnt by any wishing to practice psychic development, after all, even without training most can feel the pulsating of a quartz crystal but to master this interesting aspect of development, much practice and study is needed.

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