Profiling the Remaining Four Candidates on Univision’s Nuestra Belleza Latina

When Maribel de Santiago was asked who she would select as NBL’s 2011 queen, she said either Jenny Arzola or Nastassja. Frankly speaking, let’s review the four remaining candidates and select which one may deserve the crown ‘” although Maribel is irreplaceable. :)

Gredmarie Colon – Our Beauty vote says NO:

Gredmarie Colon is the short and stout candidate of NBL that had said that Maribel had not shown any “improvement on any of the shows.” Any improvement? Who does Gredmarie think she is? Just because she’s married to a Reggaeton singer does not give her any right to judge others, especially someone who gave so much to the competition like Maribel did. Gredmarie has always portrayed herself as the “perfect” candidate as she is convinced that she has performed the show’s challenges flawlessly. Although her acting skills are good, she has yet to master the catwalk because every time she walks down “la pasarela”, it seems as though she bounces and struts herself down the aisle. “La Mama de Los Pollitos” anyone?

Nicole Suarez – Our Beauty vote says NO:

Nicole Suarez seems like a nice girl but most voters have repeatedly tried to send her packing home by not voting for her. Nicole’s vote against Maribel de Santiago eliminated her on May 1st. While Maribel, on the other hand, had elected to save Nicole three times prior. Though lately, Nicole has shown some improvement raising her public profile, backstabbing a fellow candidate may be unforgivable. Now, Nicole has been saved multiple times but “How fair is that”? Once or twice we may accept — but three?

Nastassja Bolivar – Our Beauty vote says NO:

Nastassja Bolivar is a tall pretty girl with the perfect figure and the not-so-perfect nose. Physical attributes aside, our voting measure screams a BIG NO for this candidate. Many viewers have been upset that that this candidate has received a “free pass” throughout the entire show. Her Spanish language skills is a serious issue the judges have let her slide by with, although Jocell Villa was eliminated ages ago because of this defect. In addition, her performance on the challenges have been mediocre. Yet because the judges genuinely “like her”, they have given her unusually high marks that have been more than unfair. Especially when considering that Maribel de Santiago’s performance was great on most tasks, yet she was scored with less than average grades that were blatantly unfair. Because Nastassja has been able to get away with multiple flaws and ungodly performance, she is not our choice.

Jenny Arzola – Our Beauty vote says YES:

Jenny Arzola came into the competition in the middle of the show when Juliet Cabrera was disqualified for racy pictures that surfaced all over the internet. That, we believe, gave Jenny a huge disadvantage and the lack of votes from the public reflect this. However, Jenny has a lot of potential and is the prettiest girl there. Not to mention that her manners are impeccable. Because we have not found any reason not to vote against her, we would concur with Maribel de Santiago that perhaps Jenny Arzola deserves that crown.