Product Review: Genius MousePen M508W Wireless Multimedia Tablet

The Genius 5 by 8 inch multimedia tablet is a great pen and mouse drawing tablet for designers and computer artists who want the most from their computer peripherals that integrates with a wide range of programs.

Ease of Use, Performance: 21/25
Look & Feel: 22/25 Features 21/25
How much I enjoy 21/25
Total: 85/100

The Genius MousePen M508W takes drawing tablets to the next level with wireless connection to your computer along with the usual tablet features Genius brings to its tablet line. The M508W is a fully wireless tablet but also has the USB connection along with a wireless mouse and pen that tablets use.

The MousePen M508W comes with the tablet, tablet driver and manual CD, cordless mouse and pen, 2 AA batteries and 3 AAA batteries. The software for the Genius M508W includes drivers, several tablet programs including Annotate for Word and Pen Commander along with trial editions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and Adobe Illustrator.

The tablet is about 11 3/4 inches wide and 10 inches long and 1/4 to 3/4 inches tall that slants with the front a little lower than the back. The working area of the tablet is 5 by 8 inches and has the row of pen touch buttons along the top above the working area and the four manual buttons above that.

The tablet has a resume button on the left side and a power button with the USB connection on the right side with a pen dock spot along the top. The M508W tablet has a spot on the bottom to store the USB dongle next to the battery compartment that holds the two AA batteries that power the tablet.

The software side is easy to install and the tablet itself will only take a few minutes to fully install but the total software package is not all required. You can just use some of the included software with the drivers being the only required ones while the Adobe software is only trial or limited editions that will expire in 30 days.

Once the software is installed and the tablet is working it integrates with your computer as a tablet with mouse and pen for use at moving your cursor, opening programs using pen movements and taps as well as the drawing program features. You add handwritten notes, integration with email for handwriting, annotating features for programs and of course use of the tablet, pen and mouse with drawing programs.

The Tablet includes four express keys for use with the computers desktop and programs or browsers with pre assigned functions of Desktop, Flip 3D, next and previous pages. You can reassign these keys for opening programs, shortcut keys and many other features as well as the 13 programmable key spots aligned across the top of the working area.

You can use the M508W tablet for drawing and other creative programs like Illustrator and Blender for animation or 3D drawing as well as the shortcuts and key features of any tablet. When you use a tablet on a daily basis you tend to use it not only for drawing and the main design of integrating a touch screen with a program but for web browsing and other programs.

The Genius M508W also includes some new pressure sensitive features that make drawing and even writing a much better experience. The pressure sensitive feature makes use of the pens tip and how much pressure you apply while drawing or writing and integrates well with Adobes newer pressure features in Photoshop and other programs.

You can easily search the internet and use the pen and tablet for other functions like opening programs and using email but the tablet does have a few drawbacks. The mouse is a basic tablet mouse with a smaller size like common notebook mice and only has the basic left/right buttons and scroll wheel.

The tablet also does not support multiple monitors and this is a big minus in my book, the tablet only controls the cursor if it is on the main monitor. I usually have two or three monitors with one open for my main program like Photoshop or right now word processing and the others for research and entertainment.

I often watch Hulu or have a movie or music playing while I work and with the Genius tablet I have to put down the tablets mouse or pen and use my regular mouse for searching in my browser or adjusting my multimedia. It would be much better to have multi monitor support and being able to use the pen or mouse of the tablet on the secondary screens.

I have been using the Genius Tablet with Corel Draw X4 and various Adobe programs as well as checking it out with Blender and have had no problems with the features or use. The tablet integrates well with existing programs and adds things like annotation and handwriting to the drawing tablet features that work well.

I find that the Genius M508W steps up their tablet line a bit with the wireless connectivity but could use an improved feature for multiple monitors. If you’re looking for a tablet that integrates well with other programs and brings a bit more functionality with a great set of features that work well the Genius M508W is worth a look.

The Genius M508W tablet costs about $125 from a wide range of online and local stores for a great drawing tablet that integrates well with a lot of programs. I highly recommend the Genius MousePen M508W tablet for a great tablet at a reasonable cost for amateur use with drawing or other creative programming.