Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Will Be a Royal Pain in the Butt

This Friday, April 29, 2011, marks the day that Kate Middleton will become a princess. The highly publicized wedding of Prince William and Middleton will be broadcast to billions of people around the world.

Beginning Thursday, April 28th, and continuing Friday, ABC’s “20/20” will air two specials about the royal couple – one being a behind the scenes look at their lives and the second being a recap of the wedding hosted by Barbara Walters.

Throughout the big day, other stations will air specials surrounding the event, with hosts that include Perez Hilton on WE tv, who will put his own spin on the day’s events; Ryan Seacrest on E!, who will focus on the celebrities in attendance; and Katie Couric on CBS, who will examine the historical aspects of the wedding.

Media personalities from every network are flocking to London. “I think they have done a great job keeping that dress secret. It’s really amazing, very impressive,” NBC’s “Today” co-host Meredith Vieira told USA Today in an interview. “I think we care about them because they’re a young, charming, seemingly normal couple about to embark on a crazy life that none of us can really appreciate because we’ll never experience it.”

None of us can experience it so why not rub the royal wedding in everybody’s face? If you ask me, the royal wedding will be a royal pain in the butt. TV networks know that every girl’s dream is to marry a prince. Middleton’s marriage allows millions of people to live vicariously through her. The marriage also allows networks to reap in millions of viewers for ratings purposes. It is bad enough that they are prince and princess; do we also have to have our nose rubbed into it?

I am not the only one who could care less about the royal wedding. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld voiced his opinion, calling it a “circus act” and “an absurd act.” “You know, it’s dress-up. It’s a classic English thing of let’s play dress-up. Let’s pretend that these are special people. OK, we’ll all pretend that-that’s what theater is. That’s why the British have the greatest theater in the world. They love to dress up and they love to play pretend,” said Seinfeld in an interview at E! Online. “And that’s what the royal family is-it’s a huge game of pretend. These aren’t special people-it’s fake outfits, fake phony hats and gowns.”

If you’re one of the select few that would rather watch something else on TV, I suggest reading a book or popping in a DVD, perhaps a season of “Seinfeld.


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