Poor Standard’s for the World Economies

On Friday, August 5, 2011 a business that calls themselves an independent provider of credit worthiness for companies and countries, decided that America no longer deserved its historical AAA perfect rating. The group of men and women decided that the government of the United States had fallen off the top of the world’s economic steeple and that it was their job to ring the bell to alarm the world of the fall.

The standard that was used to decide that America’s credit was Poor is questionable as is the historical and political impact of doing so. Standard & Poor’s has been around for more than 150 years and so has America’s perfect credit score. They were around during the Hoover Administration and the days of the Great Depression and during the seventies during the days of gas rationing and the dog days of Reagan; America’s credit rating remained the same. Friday’s downgrade changed American history and some say the legacy of the administration of President Barack Obama.

What put the wheel in motion for the opportunity for this financial crime to be committed? I have said for years that America is going straight to hell, and the new breed of tea drinking finger pointing, political want to bees are taking us there. They are really stinging the American people with a venom that is invoking an allergic reaction. The sting causes the debt to swell the vital organs (the economy and Wall Street. Next it cuts the circulation by choking jobs and new business growth; it then penetrates the veins of the economy which is the American working man and woman. Finally it slowly works its poison through their lives until they start to become weary, tired and hopeless. They then become bitter and it their business, personal and family relationships are compromised. In the last stages of the sting victims simply give up and give in to the lies and then the finger pointing begins for all things wrong in America. Those that receive the anecdote for the tea party sting, become active citizens, they are alert and avoid the punches for the TKO. Those that succumb, blame their economic deficit and all that is wrong in their lives on President Barack Obama.

Like President Obama I am accustomed to folk talking about me, some of you that read this blog may continue that trend. My grandmother always told me that if folk spend so much of their valuable time watching you and your life, you really must have it going on. One must question why the tea party and others so despise President Obama. One must question how they can say that he is the worst president in our history. How can intelligent people blame one man for a debt that has been out of control for more than a decade? How can they blame him for those things that were put in place by their hand and by their vote for their own political gain?

Ask yourself these questions, has any other president been called a “rock star”? Has any other president had more attention paid to the way he walks, than to his political agenda; I don’t think so. I wish my grandmother could have lived to see Senator Barack Obama become president of the United States. I wish she could have lived to see that swagger, an intelligent, handsome, black man boarding Air Force One. I wish she could have lived to see how much he is despised not for what he has or has not done but simply because he is a black man and the leader of our country. I am certain that vision would not have surprised her for as Fannie Lou Hammer said, you might not want to be a part of the mess, but if you are born with a black face in American you are born into the mess.”

Not many positive adjectives are used to describe President Obama. Most news commentators do not even address him properly as President; he is called Obama more than President Obama. Even the false tongued George W. Bush was respected during his time in office as the leader chosen by and for the American people. President Obama has done much of what he said he would do in his short time in office. Some legislation that he has implemented to help those in foreclosure, unemployed workers, soldiers, children and others has gone unrecognized or reported.

I am reminded of the kind of venom I now see, it is in our history books and the blood of those victims soaked the soil during the Civil War. It caused a united house to be divided it pitied brother against brother and north against south. The Republican Party and its mutant party are the most dangerous threat to America. They are just as dangerous and deadly as the terrorist that want to do us harm. The terrorist are not motivated by race, they hate America. I say to John Boehner and those that are leading him by the nose, do you hate one black man so much that you will destroy our country in your efforts to destroy him?

President Obama is our leader and as such must accept some responsibility for the debt ceiling fiasco. I feel that he put forth an honest effort to avert the path that was taken. The price we all have now paid for that punch in the knee is yet to be determined.

The power the world has given to Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s to determine the financial destiny of the economies of the world is dangerous. Its reputation is not pristine; it’s judgment not always prudent. . During the American bank fiasco that led to the mortgage crisis they did nothing, they changed no ratings. Perhaps their move on the Obama Administration was to gain for itself a higher rating and respect as the agency it once was.

To the men and women at Standard & Poor’s I say your action in downgrading America’s credit rating leaves you standing poorly in America’s eye and history will likely view you the same, stand up and pour a glass of that financial reality. Cheers!