Pippa Middleton Vs Kate Middleton: Which Sister is More Popular Today?

Ever since she started dating Prince William in 2001, Kate Middleton has been in the news. She became a media darling and celebrity with their wedding on April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey.

At the wedding, Kate’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, served as the maid of honor, and gained a ton of publicity for her looks, her playfulness and the beautiful dress she wore. Pippa quickly became a media darling herself, and has been all over the news and the tabloids since the wedding. Many media outlets reported that Pippa out-shined Kate at the wedding.

Both Middleton sisters are extremely popular today, but which one is more popular? To answer that question I ran both their names through a number of Internet websties, and these are the results.

Is Pippa Middleton More Popular Today Than Kate?

Google Search

Kate Middleton – 143 million results

Pippa Middleton – 44.5 million

Running Kate and Pippa’s full names through the Google Search Engine, clearly reveals that there are over three times the number of results for Kate Middleton than there are for her sister, Pippa. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that Pippa has gained a ton more results since the wedding, since she was far less known before she served as Kate’s maid of honor.

Bing Search

Kate – 8.54

Pippa – 832,00

Running their names through the Bing Search Engine reveals that Kate Middleton has over 10 times the results as Pippa does. To me, that says Bing is slower in updating their search results.

Google Images

Kate – 9.8 million

Pippa – 3.43 million

After the Royal Wedding, photos were all over the Internet showing both Kate and Pippa Middleton in bikinis, and other forms of dress, or undress. Many photos featured Pippa as she went topless while adjusting her bikini. Despite the fact the many of the photos featured Pippa, Kate Middleton’s name is attached to almost three times more images on Google than Pippa’s is.

Google Keyword Tool

Kate Middleton – 5 million

Pippa Middleton – 1.5 million

The Google Keyword Tool tells users how many Global monthly searches are occurring for any person’s name. In the case of the Middleton sisters, over three times as many global monthly searches are occurring today for Kate Middleton. Still, the 1.5 million global monthly searches for Pippa Middleton are very high.


Kate Middleton – 18,300

Pippa Middleton – 1,940

There are almost 10 times the number of YouTube videos associated with Kate Middleton as there are with Pippa Middleton.

So Which Middleton Sister, Kate or Pippa, is More Popular Today?

Despite all the talk in the media that younger sister Pippa Middleton upstaged her sister Kate at the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011, the stats here clearly reveal tha Kate Middleton is more popular than Pippa. Kate has three times the number of Google results and almost 10 times the number of Bing results.

Despite the uproar of Pippa appearing topless in pictures as she adjusts her bikini, Kate is still associated with almost three times the number of images on the web.

Kate Middleton has three times the number of global monthly searches that Pippa has, and almost 10 times the number of YouTube videos are associated with Kate.

I’d say that for sure Kate Middleton is more popular on the Internet today than her sister Pippa is. But I also think Pippa has gained tremendously in popularity since the Royal Wedding.

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