Pioneer Days: Expressing Gratitude for Pioneers by Writing a Pioneer Days Poem

Pioneer Days celebrations will be happening at various times across the country … July in Salt Lake City; September in Cartersville, Ga; and October in Lake Wales, Fla., to name a few. Wouldn’t it be a unique activity for the older children to create a short poem with a pioneer theme for the celebration? This Pioneer Day, as part of the family games and activities, include writing a haiku poem as a way for the older children (and even adults) to show gratitude for the trials the early pioneers went through in the area.

Although haikus are a little too advanced for the younger children, those who are old enough to understand what a syllable is are old enough to write a haiku. And once they understand how to write a Pioneer Day haiku, freedom of expression always allows for the rules to be “hanged” and for the kids to write the haiku poem as they wish. While the older children are writing their haikus, the younger children could draw pictures of the pioneers.

Rules for a Pioneer Day Haiku Poem

1. The haiku should center on a pioneer theme. This could include thoughts and feelings about local pioneers who settled the area or early historical events that took place. It could also include, on a broad scope, pioneers who trekked across the country. A few suggestions along those lines would be the joys of campfires, dancing, and singing; or the trials of weather, dust and heat; the worries about wolves, snakes, Indian attack or any other ideas that relate to the pioneers crossing the plains and mountains.

2. The Pioneer Day poem should contain three lines

3. The first line of the poem should have five syllables.

4. The second line should have seven syllables.

5. The third line of the poem should have five syllables.

For those who find it easy to write a haiku, I suggest that they also include a reference to a time of year or season in the poem, and that there be dual meaning to one of two of the lines. For more technical information on haikus, read a few of the articles on Yahoo!/Associated Content that explain how to write a haiku.

An Example of a Pioneer Day Haiku Poem

Faded Calico

Pioneer bonnets
The calico faded, worn
With steadfast courage


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