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Have you been disappointed in the professional photographs you have had done in the past? Well, look no further! Get that perfect picture of your loved ones with Kristie Galloway Photography. She will even come to a location of your choice (within 1 hour of Mayodan, North Carolina) to make your pictures that much more special.

What makes her photographs come out so fantastic is her passion for photography. Kristie has loved photography since she got her first 110 camera when she was ten. “I remember going to my “nanny’s” house and pulling out all her picture albums and spending HOURS looking at them.” – Kristie

Photography may have changed dramatically since then, but her love of taking pictures has not. Her business started five years ago when friends and family begged her to take pictures for them because they always came out so good. Soon others were asking her to take pictures for them as well and Kristie Galloway Photography was born.

Her enthusiasm for taking pictures shows in her work. For example, in one picture a tiny spider can be seen hiding in between the petals of a beautiful pink flower. Her attention to detail makes even the simplest thing come alive. “I love being behind the lens and I take my camera everywhere I go.”- Kristie

She enjoys working with all her clients to give them the best possible experience and photographs. Here is what a few of her clients had to say about her work:

“She was wonderful to work with. She made my 4 month old feel very comfortable.” – Mark & Brandy Cope

“Kristie’s pictures are better than those of Olan Mills…She also has more patience with kids who are in the pictures. Her prices are also reasonable and she will come to where you want to have them done. Not many people will do that.” – Angela Phillips

The majority of pictures Kristie takes incorporate natural light photography. She chooses to use this technique because, “With natural light photography the world is your studio and I do not feel restricted to a small area. It also offers the best lighting. A flash often brings out detail that some people do not want to see in their photos.” – Kristie

Traditional photography studios lack the personality to truly capture the uniqueness of each individual. At Kristie Galloway Photography, Kristie focuses on creating a modern twist on classic styles. She is careful to select unique backgrounds to suit the personality of the individual then uses an interesting angle to turn the picture into a masterpiece.

Kristie Galloway Photography has very reasonable rates. Her current rates can be viewed on Kristie Galloway Photography Facebook page or for more information visit her website at:


Web Interviews: Kristie Galloway, Angela Phillips, Mark and Brandy Cope

Kristie Galloway Photography

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